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10 Questions with Liz C., Community Outreach Specialist

From shoppers to members to engineers, marketers, and our shopper appreciation team, it’s the people who make Shipt, Shipt. In this series, we get to know the members of our diverse community, from their shopping list staples to their dream deliveries.

As a community outreach specialist at Shipt headquarters in Birmingham, Liz C. has what she calls “one of the most rewarding jobs around.” She works with Shipt’s existing nonprofit partners to see how we can help their initiatives to alleviate hunger –- whether that’s coordinating monetary sponsorships, volunteer opportunities or event sponsorships. She’s also always looking for new ways for Shipt to be involved in our local communities. Keep reading to learn more about Liz’s work with Hunger Action Month and her obsession with lettuce and pistachios.  

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Liz organized Canned Food Creations Contest to raise goods for local food banks in Birmingham and San Francisco. Here are a few of our favorites above!

1. What’s your favorite meal to make for or enjoy with your family?

I love sharing breakfast with my family. There’s just something so comforting about sitting around the table with my family and starting off the day together with a delicious meal.

2. What’s always on your grocery list?

My husband and I have obsessions with lettuce and pistachios. Between the two of us, we go through multiple bags of each a week!

3. Complete this sentence: I love working at Shipt because….

I love working for a company that truly cares about its employees, members and each community it touches.

4. You’re making a PB&J. White or wheat? Crunchy or creamy? Strawberry or grape jelly? Any wacky ingredients on top (bacon, pickles, etc.)?

PB&J is actually one of my all time favorite foods. I love a good fluffy white bread with peanut butter on both slices and grape jelly. It reaches a whole other level when you butter the bread and put it on a skillet for a “grilled PB&J.”

5. What excites you most about your job?

My job is very hands-on; I get to interact with so many people outside of Shipt and see the direct impact our company makes in the communities we service. I have the privilege of seeing our shoppers put smiles on people’s faces every day and get to work directly with organizations who, like Shipt, want to help change people’s lives for the better. As September is Feeding America’s Hunger Action Month, I’ve been working to raise awareness of food insecurity, both with our members through a featured category in the Shipt app and with the Shipt team through food drives at Shipt’s offices.

6. What’s the photo on your phone home screen?

My home screen is a pink painting of flamingos – my favorite color and favorite animal all in one! I really love their elegance and grace.

7. What’s your favorite place in your city?

Avondale Brewing is my favorite place in Birmingham because of its atmosphere. They have beautiful, large trees and twinkle lights. I love sitting outside with my husband and our dog while drinking a good beer.

8. If you could deliver groceries to anyone in the world, who would it be?

Oh that’s easy! Joanna Gaines. She is a total artist who comes across as so relatable yet humble at the same time. I would love to deliver to her so I could get a peek inside her home for some decorating tips!

9. What’s your favorite Shipt memory?

In the spring I was able to go to Detroit and volunteer with a mobile pantry we sponsor through Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan. Being able to see Shipt’s sponsorship dollars at work and to physically distribute food to people in need was something very special.

10. What’s been your favorite project that you’ve worked on at Shipt?

Being involved in Hunger Action Month each year has been incredible. From 2015, when shoppers and a few of us from HQ physically delivered canned goods to local food banks through donations from our members, to 2016 when we were able to multiply our impact to more than 30 metro areas, it’s been a joy to see the impact we can make together. This year we’ve been able to expand our efforts even further and will be working with more than 50 food banks!

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