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Cook one night, eat all week! #MissysMealChallenge

Have you ever dreamed of doing all of one week’s cooking in a day?
And it actually tastes good?
With variations, so it’s not boring?
And it feeds an entire family?!?

We share that dream, in some form or another.
It sounds incredible, doesn’t it?
Meal prep gone mad, work week made easy.
Hmm what an idea…


Photography by Jennifer Neely Photography

Shipters, meet Missy! She’s not just our team’s digital marketing extraordinaire; Missy has a 12-year-old son, a 9-year-old daughter, a loving husband with his own small business AND a chocolate lab named Brownie. She also loves House Hunters International, Tiny Homes, Island Hunters and pretty much all things HGTV. (Her real dream is to smush all of those together and live in a tiki hut on the beach of some remote island.)

She told us about this one-day dream, and we challenged her to make it happen! [Of course she accepted, because she’s awesome.]

Missy will be cooking up a delicious, wholesome storm on January 31st, and we’re going to document it all. Can she do it? Will it work? Well, we hope so, and we’ll be rooting for her.

In support of Missy, we want to get you in on the action. Join us for #MissysMealChallenge and show us how you meal prep on Sundays and crush the work week!

Tag us, tweet us, use the hashtag. We want to support you in your pre-planning prowess, and share your efforts and victories!

To get inspired, we’re combing the meal prep archives. Yes, of course that means Pinterest. Here’s are some links to get you pumped and planning.

We’ll see you on the 31st Shipters!

Ready, plan, cook!

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