3 Times Shipt Shoppers Saved the Day

At some point, everyone needs a helping hand. Our amazing Shipt Shoppers deliver exactly what you need, right when you need it. Read these 3 stories about how Shipt Shoppers saved the day, and find out how same-day delivery can make your life easier, too.

 1. A Christmas challenge.

There was an available order for 1 item, with 0 categories listed and 1 special request – my curiosity got the best of me. I kept asking myself, what could it be?! I was so intrigued, I had to do it. – Crystal A. (Austin, TX)

What was the special item? Read more to find out!

 2. A heartfelt surprise.

Back in 2017, Kalamazoo shopper Kelly M. saw the opportunity for a massive order one night and jumped at the opportunity. Once she saw who it was for, she couldn’t wait to get started.

Check out this story to see who received the surprise order.

 3. A holiday treat.

I like to be a little over the top for the holidays and add a special touch to my deliveries. […] I went around acting as one of Santa’s elves with a merry message and a sweet treat. – Angie Y. (South Bend, IN)

Learn more about Angie’s holiday tradition in our blog post. 

In a pinch? Here comes Shipt to the rescue! We’ll deliver groceries and more to your door.

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