3 Tips and Tricks for Snow Day Hopefuls

Growing up in Birmingham, AL. I remember crossing my fingers the night before snow was predicted, praying to the snow gods that they blanket our little town and keep us out of school. More often than not, I was disappointed.

For all the kids out there that are crossing their fingers today, and for all the parents who are dealing with the potential “He threw that snowball in my face!” drama, here’s 3 tips and tricks to make a snow day both safe and fun.

1. Make a checklist.


With the threat of snow and sleet, we should all make sure we are prepared. Make a list of those items that are most important for you and your family and be sure you have enough to last a few days.
Here’s a list of items that will keep you going and don’t require cold or heat to prepare:

– Peanut Butter
– Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
– Juices
– Protein Bars
– Breads, Muffins, Bagels
– Dry Cereal or Granola

2. Prepare your home.

Winter Storm

– Invest in a good generator. (This is good for winter weather as well as tornado season!)
– Turn on every faucet in your home so that it’s just barely dripping to avoid frozen pipes.
– Make sure you have candles and lighters/matches ready to be lit. It’s ironically difficult to find candles in the dark, trust me on that one!
– If you don’t already, purchase a portable phone charger. Not only so you can communicate with friends and family to make sure they’re safe, but also so you can stay up to date on the weather!

3. Enjoy it!
While it’s smart to be prepared, the odds are Birmingham won’t get a severely dangerous amount of snow today. Be safe, stay warm, but get out and have some fun too!


Snow Ice Cream was always a snow day staple growing up- here’s a step by step on how to make it!

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