3 Traditional Latinx Dishes to Embrace the Culture – and Excite Your Weeknight Routine

From light and fluffy tres leches cake to comforting caldo tlalpeño, these are the Latin recipes a few of our HQ teammates and Shipt Shoppers treasure for their richness – both in culture and in flavor. Try your hand at making one of these obscenely good dishes tonight or simply enjoy the fond food memories shared here. Either way, join us in learning more about Latinx culture through the cuisine for Latinx Heritage Month. 

Caldo Tlalpeño: Chicken and vegetable soup

“This is my favorite dish that my mom makes. It’s like traditional chicken soup but it has rice, chopped avocado, tortilla chips, shredded cheese, and chipotle sauce. Once you taste it, it’s impossible not to like it. Every time I go home, I know that’s the meal waiting for me.” – Aaron L., Area Operations Manager 

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Bistec Empanizado: Cuban breaded steak

“I love Latin American food. We cook with intention and love, and it’s those yummy dishes that keep us full and grounded and happy! There’s nothing like a bistec empanizado with a side of white rice, black beans, cassava (yuca con mojo), and fried plantains for the win!” – Nancy N., Shipt Shopper 

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Tres Leches Cake: Sponge cake soaked in milk

“This is hands down the best cake ever. My boyfriend surprised me with his homemade version on my birthday this year. It was delicious, and this is a birthday tradition now.” – Catriana C., Growth Marketing Manager – Supply Acquisition 

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Did you make one of these traditional Latinx recipes? Tell us about the delicious results in the comments.

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