4 Ways to Enjoy Earth Month, Your Way

This April, show up for Earth Month like a sustainability pro – with intention and recreation. Whether you want to plant yourself in the garden or bask under the stars, we’ve got 4 easy, earth-friendly ideas for getting outside and going all out for the planet. Find your perfect starter pack to enjoy Earth Month your way – and get it delivered today. 

 1. The Green Thumb

Start a family tradition of planting something during Earth Month, like your favorite fruit and veggies or even a tree. Trees help cool temperatures and they clean the air, among other benefits. Raise your shovels to show support for the environment.

 2. The Pet Parent

Play your part this Earth Month and get your pet in on the fun, too. Green up their routine by walking to the park or your favorite nature trail. You can even pick up trash you see along the way. 

 3. The Outdoor Adventurer

Reduce your carbon footprint by ditching the car and finding a transportation alternative – like riding your bike or taking a walk. Set off on an adventure, near or far, and don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen. 

 4. The Star Gazer

Unplug for the evening (or the entire day) and take in the sparkling night sky to remind yourself just how beautiful our planet is. It’s a great break for our environmental health – and for your mental health, too. Pass the s’mores and show some love to this amazing place we call home. 

Ready to make eco-minded weekend plans for Mother Nature’s big month? Stock up on earth-friendly essentials and let Shipt deliver today. 

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