5 Healthy Snacks for the Office to Boost Productivity

Eating healthy at work can be difficult when co-workers bring in diet-busting treats like donuts and the vending machine tempts you with its unhealthy offerings. Offering healthy options that are readily available is a simple way to make healthy eating an easy choice in your office. You may even find yourself walking right past the vending machine after Shipt delivers fresh groceries to keep the break room stocked with fresh, focus-boosting snacks.

5 Healthy Snacks for the Office:
Fresh Fruit to Boost Productivity in the Office


Not only are bananas a good source of carbohydrates for energy, they’re also packed with other life-giving nutrients, including potassium for the heart and kidneys, and vitamin B6 for the immune and nervous systems.


Yogurt gives a lasting energy boost along with a great dose of protein and, of course, calcium. Yogurt also has probiotics, the “friendly bacteria” that keeps your immune system and digestive tract running in tip-top shape.


Nuts and peanut butter are popular with athletes because of the power combo of protein and carbs. Try putting trail mix in the conference room to combat mid-afternoon fatigue. Hopefully no one leaves you with a bowl full of raisins!

Oatmeal In the Office to Boost Productivity


Oats digest slowly, so they are great for sustained energy. Add fruit or yogurt to your oatmeal for a delicious and reviving morning meal that will keep you going all day.

Fresh Fruit

The Vitamin C in fruits such as oranges, berries or pineapples boosts your immune system and helps with muscle repair. Plus, the natural sugars can satisfy your sweet tooth. For a more portable option, try low-calorie dried fruit.

Here are some other tips once your delivery arrives:

Place snacks in high-traffic areas across the office to encourage folks to snack throughout the day. Studies show that multiple, small meals can jump start your metabolism.

Choose foods that everyone will enjoy throughout the day, whether they’re hitting the breakroom first thing for a quick breakfast or for a late-afternoon energy boost. A variety of snacks will ensure that even the pickiest snackers will have something to nibble on.

Coffee and caffeinated soft drinks can create a quick zap of energy, but over time they become energy saps. Try ordering water, low-calorie flavored water and unsweetened tea instead for a tasty option that won’t leave you with a sugar crash.

Fresh Fruit Delivered to the Office

Valuable work hours (and lunch breaks!) have been sacrificed for trips to the grocery story to stock the break room. Imagine never settling for a quick candy bar and never hauling pallets of bottled water across the office again! We’ll deliver these fresh fruits and other healthy snacks within an hour, and your coworkers will be energized and more productive.

Shipt grocery delivery can help your office stay stocked with healthy snacks to gain energy, save time and maybe even restore some sanity.

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