5 Mouthwatering Reasons Why We Can’t Wait to Bring Grocery Delivery to Dallas


Dallas is a big, beautiful city, so we’re ready to wow folks with our innovative and time-saving grocery delivery service. We’re already falling in love and can’t wait to dig into amazing things to see, do and….well, eat.

So let’s start there. Here are five reasons us food lovers at Shipt are excited about heading to Dallas:

1) We are totally okay with more than 3 meals a day. Dallas folk are all about brunches, and our taste buds are very much looking forward to trying every restaurant that serves them. Which is apparently a ton. Too many to name here, but feel free to give us suggestions in the comments.

Credit: Dallas by Chocolate, Jeanine Stevens
Credit: Dallas by Chocolate, Jeanine Stevens

2) Delivering the best and freshest groceries is our bread and butter. (Pun intended.) So as a company full of foodies, we live for fantastic food tours. But here’s one that’s new to us – Dallas by Chocolate. An entire day sampling local candies and confections? Sign us up. We will make room for every yummy bite.

3) The State Fair of Texas is coming up, and we need the inside scoop on how to become a taste tester for the Big Tex awards. (Yes, even though we’re proud of our expert grocery delivery services, fair food is a guilty pleasure. Can you blame us?There are delectable indulgences everywhere. We’ve never had fried sriracha balls or a deep fried latte before, but we are willing to try it all. We also need tips on how to try all of these fried foods but still have the time (and energy) to cover 400,000 square feet of exhibitons. Multiple trips will be worked out.

4) We’re also planning a few days to check out Dallas’ unique neighborhoods like Deep Ellum. It’s big and diverse enough for the tourists and newbies like us. But the dining fare seems to attract a lot of locals. Deep Ellum is a hub for locally-owned restaurants with serving Tex-Mex food, burgers , Italian. So many more cuisines to try.

5) Okay, wait. We can stop for gas or a car wash and grab some fresh tacos? Is Fuel City Tacos some kind of dream? We have a feeling a lot of our local Shoppers already know this will be popular spot to stop for a break when not on a delivery.

Credit - Fuel City Tacos, Andy Post
Credit – Fuel City Tacos, Andy Post

When we aren’t chowing down, our mission is to use mobile technology to make life more convenient without giving up on freshness and quality. That way you can enjoy all of the awesomeness of Dallas and our vetted shoppers can handle your grocery list.

Since Dallas is so massive, and traffic can be rough, we are crazy excited about serving the community with our on-demand grocery delivery services. It’s our way of making life a bit easier and maybe even changing the world one household at a time. Yep, we dream big.

If you’re interested in being one the first in Dallas to try grocery delivery, sign up now. We have 1000 beta spots available for early access in August. We’ve already begun a beautiful relationship with the city, and we can’t wait to simplify your life with grocery delivery so you have time to enjoy what Dallas has to offer.

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