5 Must-Haves (and Pro-tips) for the Ultimate Movie Night. 

An outdoor movie night brings the comfort of a night-in to the great outdoors. Get some fresh air under the stars and enjoy a summertime flick. Whether you’re itching for romance or on the edge of your seat for the latest thriller, here are 5 things you need to get delivered for the ultimate movie night:

1. Popcorn 

No movie screening is complete without this fluffy, buttery treat. Keep it simple with something pre-popped. If you’re looking for movie theater authenticity, try a table-top popcorn machine and popping corn. Pro-tip: Sprinkle some garlic or cheddar cheese powder for a flavor boost.   

2. Something sweet

A sweet and salty combo like no other: popcorn and candy. Grab your favorite sweet treat to compliment your salty snack and enjoy the show! Get a movie theater vibe with boxed candy or a resealable bag so you can save your leftovers. Pro-tip: Reese’s Pieces and popcorn are a prime power couple.

3. A great movie

Whether you want to watch something new or rewatch an old favorite, make sure you select something that excites you. Build up the anticipation for the whole family by printing out movie posters or creating invitations for them. The sky’s the limit for your outdoor “premiere.” Pro-tip: Create an immersive experience and dress up as a character from the film.

4. Comfy blankets

Don’t forget to get cozy. Grab your favorite blanket and some loungewear to make the experience ultra plush. If you’re projecting the movie, you’ll also need a white sheet to use as a screen. Pro-tip:  If you’re going for the picnic experience, grab a large blanket you don’t mind getting a little dirty to lay on the ground. 

5. A stocked cooler

You don’t want to miss a minute of the movie magic. Stock a cooler with cold drinks so you can stay close to the action when you need a refill. Pro-tip: Keep chocolate candy in the cooler on warmer nights to prevent melting. 

Welcome to your hometown Hollywood! Get the entire movie night lineup for your outdoor theater experience delivered with Shipt. From the snacks to the star (the film), we’ve got you covered.

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