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5 Questions With Aspen S., Digital Merchandising Coordinator

It takes a village: shoppers, members, engineers, marketers, the shopper appreciation team and beyond – it’s the people who make Shipt, Shipt. In this series, we get to know the members of our diverse community, from their grocery list staples to their proudest work moments.

Down at our Birmingham HQ, you can find Aspen S., the woman behind the curtain of our favorite Shipt tool: categories! Whether you’re stuck at home with the flu or need essentials before hitting the gym – Shipt has a category for that. With summer coming up, Aspen and the digital merchandising team are working to group items together in the Shipt app to make fresh new categories. These categories give members that added sense of ease in the app and make finding everything they need a breeze. So if you’re ever in bed with a fever or short on sunscreen for pool days, you can thank Aspen for getting you all the goods you could ever need! Keep reading to learn more about Aspen and her family’s secret pound cake recipe.

What is the best part of your job?

In my role, I research and find new ways to keep the Shipt categories fresh and top of mind. I especially love hearing when a category that I worked on was used to help someone! Just the other day one of the marketing directors here at Shipt told me that when she was getting ready to take her kids on spring break, so she used our spring break category that I had just made! It was a fun full circle moment for me.

When did you move to Birmingham?

I grew up in a small town in southern Alabama but I went to the University of Alabama Birmingham. Roll Tide! After I graduated and moved around a bit I knew I wanted to come back to Birmingham: it’s just such a wonderful city. Community is everything here. When two people make eye contact they are always going to introduce themselves and talk, and you just can’t get that anywhere else.

What is your favorite Shipt memory?

My first project with Shipt. I started working here back in September of 2018, so the first category I built was focused around the holidays. When the category went live in November, I was able to see my hard work come to life in the app. The feeling of pride you get from looking at the physical product of your work is so special and I received so much positive feedback from my team and throughout the company.

What did you love most about Beyond, The 1st Ever Shopper Summit?

Connecting with all the shoppers! Most of the work that I do is member-focused, but we are always looking for ways to incorporate shoppers and their feedback into these categories. I love getting the chance to talk with them and get to know their experience with Shipt!

What is your family’s secret recipe?

Definitely my mother’s pound cake. It is the moistest thing that you can ever eat. The best part is that she makes it year round – we eat it with fresh strawberries in the summer and in the winter this cake alone keeps us happy in the cold.

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