5 Questions with Kelly Caruso, Shipt CEO

From Shipt Shoppers to members to engineers, marketers and our shopper appreciation team, it’s the people who make Shipt special. In this series, we get to know the members of our diverse community, from their grocery list staples to their proudest work moments. In this special edition, we’re getting to know Shipt CEO Kelly Caruso.

It’s been nearly three months since Kelly joined us here at Shipt, and what an introduction it’s been!  From meeting hundreds of Shipt Shoppers at our first Beyond Summit to unveiling a national partnership with Petco, and somehow finding time to complete a Shipt shop of her own in between, it’s been a busy and exciting time. We caught up with Kelly to learn more about her and her plans for Shipt in 2019 and beyond. Whether it’s meal-prepping for her family or charting new markets for Shipt, Kelly is always thinking ahead! Read on to learn what excites her most about Shipt’s future and how she’s settling into her new community in Birmingham.

As CEO, what excites you most about the company’s future?

At Shipt, we’re in a very unique position to think bigger, bolder, and differently to thrive in a growing industry that is still in its early stages. What makes Shipt stand out is our people-centric mindset and this is never going to change. The industry is starting to take notice, too. Shipt was recently recognized by a leading consumer publication for our incredible service and the way we treat our members, a major validator for us. Knowing that community will always be the root of our success I am confident in our future.

Shipt reached nationwide status in 2018, what’s next for the company?

2018 was a record year as we expanded to over 250 markets and added more retailers than in the previous years combined. Shipt is now available in more than 5,000 cities as we carry out our mission of simplifying lives.

In 2019, we want to increase the number of members, meaning we’ll need more Shipt Shoppers. We plan to continue launching in new markets and adding new retail partners to our marketplace to make our same-day delivery more accessible to new and existing members. With the addition of new retailers, we’ll also be expanding the assortment of items we can offer to members so it is clear that Shipt is the go-to solution for everything they need.

What’s the one item that’s always on your shopping list?

Right now, my family is obsessed with the new water trends, so in our home you can always find a variety of flavors of Bubly, LaCroix or Hint waters.

Beyond that there really is no limit to what I like to cook –  Italian, Mexican, you name it, but my personal favorite is Asian. I’m a fan of meal planning, so at any given time you can find all kinds of fresh ingredients in our kitchen.

One of the first things you did at Shipt was complete a shop. What was that experience like?

Our Shipt Shoppers are amazing! Walking a mile in their shoes really gave me a new appreciation for all the attention to detail and care that goes into each order. As the CEO of Shipt, but also as a Shipt member, I love having a front row seat to the amazing experience Shipt Shoppers provide on a daily basis.

You’re new to Birmingham, what’s been your favorite discovery about the city so far?

Birmingham is a wonderful city! From the southern hospitality to the amazing food, I have felt so welcomed in my new home.

Want to be part of Shipt’s ever-growing community? Go to Shipt.com/cities to see if we are available in your area or apply to be a Shopper at Shipt.com/shopper!


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