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5 Questions with Sandy H., San Francisco Edition

From shoppers to members to engineers, marketers, and our shopper appreciation team, it’s the people who make Shipt, Shipt. In a special edition of this series, we get to know our California-based colleagues who can now use Shipt in their home state.  

Golden State pride goes far beyond being a loyal 49ers fan for Sandy H., Head of B2B Marketing at Shipt. A Northern California native, Sandy has never lived too far from the Bay Area. Even when he went to college at UC San Diego, he found any excuse he could to get back up North for the weekends. He loves NorCal because it has everything from mountains to beaches and a diverse network of people in between.

Sandy feels lucky to have grown up in this state, but even luckier to have found a second home at Shipt in San Francisco. After years of working for large tech companies like Microsoft and Intuit, Shipt has provided a change of pace and welcoming community in the heart of a big city. Inspired by his hard working colleagues and Shipt’s customer service-driven mission, Sandy feels likes he’s a part of something bigger. With Shipt expanding nationwide, Sandy can’t wait to share all that Shipt has to offer with his home state, family and friends.

What was your favorite part about growing up in California?

I grew up in Foster City, a small town halfway between San Francisco and San Jose. From a very young age, my parents made sure that we took advantage of our surroundings through skiing, hiking, surfing and camping across NorCal. We spent our time outside year round, whether it was hiking in Yosemite or skiing in Tahoe. After growing up in NorCal, I can’t picture myself living in a place where mountains and the beach aren’t within driving distance! It brings me such joy raising my kids in the same area and passing down my love for the outdoors.

What is your favorite California food?

I probably eat burritos or tacos five or six times a week and plan to for the rest of my life! San Francisco is known for incredible Mexican food, and it’s a crime not to take advantage of it. My ideal burrito filling includes Carne Asada, rice, beans, guacamole and, of course, hot sauce. In true California form, I add hot sauce to just about everything (within reason).

What has been your favorite memory at Shipt so far?

During my first few weeks working at Shipt, I spent time at HQ in Birmingham learning about the company and getting to know my new team members. The best part of that trip was following along on a Shipt shop and learning first-hand how the service works. I appreciated how personal the entire experience was for the member. What I love about Shipt is that it goes beyond a transactional experience of just ordering groceries and having them delivered to your doorstep. Our Shipt Shoppers provide one-of-a-kind customer service that allows members to feel involved even though they can’t physically be in the store. When we finished our delivery and brought the groceries into the member’s kitchen, I was touched by how happy the member was to see us. Shipt is really changing people’s lives through grocery delivery and it’s an honor to be a part of the team that helps make it possible.

What does having Shipt in California mean to you?

My wife and I just welcomed baby number three into our family about one month ago! We’re already extremely busy with a four year old and fourteen year old, so taking one weekly errand off of our to-do lists will not only be a relief for those last minute diaper shortages, but will also give us more time to spend with our kids. I have a long commute to and from work, so cutting back on those extra stops means I get to my family sooner. I’ve been telling my friends and neighbors about Shipt for months and I can’t wait for them to experience it!

What will be in your first Shipt order?

My wife and I can’t wait to have milk, eggs and diapers at our fingertips at the touch of a button. Our big family goes through food and supplies faster than you’d think and it’s a pain to stay on top of our errands. We’re looking forward to the ease of delivery and variety the Shipt marketplace offers. This is just the beginning for Shipt in the Golden State and I’m lucky to be a part of it.

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