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5 Reasons Oklahoma Favorite Reasor’s is Our Favorite Too

Since 1963, Reasor’s has been a staple in Northeast Oklahoma. From delicious cakes to fresh produce, everyone seems to have a different reason to love this local retailer. Here are a few things we love about our favorite Oklahoma grocery store:

Reasor's Food local produce1. Proud to be local: The “Made in Oklahoma” section features a wide variety of local products and brands, from Griffin’s Waffle Syrup to Head Country BBQ sauce. Reasor’s was founded in Oklahoma and stays committed to featuring local produce from farms throughout the area.

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2. Employee owned and family founded: Reasor’s was founded in Tahlequah, Oklahoma on one fundamental idea: “Sell the customers items they want to buy, not what we want to sell them.” Since then they’ve grown to 18 different location across northeastern Oklahoma! Throughout the transition from being family owned to employee owned, Reasor’s has always remained focused on putting the customer first.

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3. Cakes for every occasion: Their bakeries truly take the cake in Tulsa. With decorators equipped to create masterpieces for any occasion, Reasor’s has you covered. From their custom made cakes to their homemade cupcakes, they have something for every kind of sweet tooth!

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4. Gourmet cheese: They have some of the biggest assortments of cheese we’ve ever seen. We’re talking everything from great Gouda to the best Brie to the perfect Parmesan. Your cheese plate will never look (or taste) better!

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5. Low prices, high quality: From Certified Angus Beef® to seafood from the service case, you know that what you’re buying is the highest quality. Their full assortment of fresh produce, including a wide range of organics, is sure to create the perfect meal. If you’re looking for a specialty item for a unique dinner, or are just looking for a rub for your roast, they carry a large selection of specialty items that will make your meals extra special.

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