5 Ways to Keep Your January Dry

Dry January is all about avoiding drinking alcohol in the month of January. The idea is to get a fresh start after indulging during the holidays. Whether you’re looking to simply reduce the amount that you drink or stay completely dry, these 5 tips will help you stay on track. 

Make a Dry January countdown calendar

DIY an advent calendar with rewards – like mocktail recipes – for each day to keep you motivated. Check out this Holiday Punch or French 76 for inspiration. 

Sip on something sparkly 

Keep it interesting. Try sipping on your favorite sparkling water or cider out of a wine glass. You’ll replace drinking wine and still feel elegant. 

Become a master mocktail mixologist 

You can still try fun and exciting new drinks without drinking alcohol – get experimental and try new mocktails. Check out 3 mocktail recipes here. 

Track your progress 

Use a calendar – like this one – to track your progress. Simply checking each day off will make you feel accomplished. 

Tag-team it

You’re more likely to complete a goal if you have people to complete it with. Challenge your loved ones to participate with you and motivate each other!

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