5 Ways to Make Memories Virtually

Enjoy spending time with your loved ones even when you’re far apart – you can still feel close to everyone thanks to all the resources available. Try putting together virtual activities that can bring the gang together at any time and any place. Here are 5 fun ideas that your group can try:

 1. Organize a gift exchange.

Holiday season means lots of gifts, so set a time and budget for a virtual gift exchange. Brighten someone’s day by sending them a hot sauce gift set as a spicy surprise.

 2. Have a watch party. 

It’s always a great time to watch a movie. Or switch it up with a football game. Whichever one you decide, just don’t forget to bring along the popcorn!

 3. Plan a game night. 

Say bye-bye to boredom with some friendly competition. Bring out party games like Who Can Do It…, have a scavenger hunt, or go for a hilarious round of charades.

 4. Start a book club.  

Cracking open a good book with a group is a classic way to bond. Reread an old favorite or discuss a new bestseller like Glennon Doyle’s Untamed.

 5. Host a wine tasting. 

Looking for a way to collectively unwind? Pick a new cabernet or zinfandel for everyone to try. This versatile wine tumbler is perfect for at-home sommeliers.

Need a hand with bringing home the goods? Let Shipt bring you movies, books, board games, and more for virtual fun.

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