6 Crazy Kid-Friendly Easter Recipes

6 Crazy Kid-Approved Easter Treats and Recipes

Make easter unforgettable for your family with these fast, simple recipes they’ll love. We tip our hats to the original creators. The original recipes are linked in the titles!

1. Peeps Popcorn. Yes. Unforgettable.

Easter Peep Popcorn


Tip: Add a little salt and savory to your sweet. Fold in salted pretzels, M&Ms and anything else you can steal from your kid’s easter baskets.

2. Easter Bunny Pancakes.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Yks4407ta4]

Tip: Use this pancake batter recipe. Involve the kids, but be mindful of the hot griddle, it should be at 375 degrees. If you mess up, eat it. Move on.

3. Easter Dessert Peep-za.

Easter Desert Pizza

Tip: Use pre-made sugar cookie dough for crust, and store-bought chocolate frosting and the candy contents of your easter basket to save time. There are no rules here! 

4. Rice Krispies Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats

Rice Krispy Treats Easter Egg Surprise

Tip: Save time and effort and substitute marshmallow crème for fresh marshmallows. Original recipe at Kellog’s Rice Krispies.

5. Easter Bunny S’mores.

Easter Bunny Smores


Tip: There’s nothing better than an early-spring bon fire…except watching peeps melt over an early-spring bon fire. Your kids will agree.

6. Frozen Lime Sherbet Punch

Kid-friendly easter slushy

Tip: Substitute club soda for a little champagne in an adult version. You deserve some fun too.


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