7 Spooky Good Wine and Candy Pairings for Halloween

Spooky season is the perfect excuse to explore wines inspired by all things macabre paired with the familiar flavors of your favorite Halloween candy. Check out these expert pairings for your spellbinding sips. 

Cabernet Sauvignon + 3 Musketeers® 

Pair Cabernet Sauvignon with 3 Musketeers – we recommend Apothic. The full-body flavor paired with indulgent chocolate and nougat creates a craveable combo you’ll keep coming back to. 

Rosé + Albanese Mini Gummi Worms®

If you thought Rosé was all sunshine and rainbows, think again. For a sweet Rosé with a hint of eerie, we recommend Dark Horse. Pair with gummy worms (sour or regular – you decide) for a scary good combination. 

Chardonnay + Sour Patch Kids

The wine’s buttery sweetness is expertly balanced by the sharp, tart flavor of Sour Patch Kids. Looking for a fright? Pair with 19 Crimes Hard Chardonnay. Together, these two are like Bonnie and Clyde. 

Zinfandel + Kit Kat® 

Pair the fruity and spiced goodness of a glass of Zinfandel with the simple, crisp, chocolate of a Kit Kat® bar. Bring all the flavors of the chocolate out of the shadows with 7 Deadly Zins Zinfandel

Merlot + M&M’s® 

Pair the velvety smooth taste of Merlot with the subtle chocolatey goodness of classic M&M’s®. Our picks for sips? A dark wine that goes bump in the night: The Velvet Devil

Red Blend + Skittles®

Skittles bring out the sweetest and fruitiest flavors of a class red blend. Our spookiest suggestion? Freakshow Red Blend will give you the carnival creepies to complement the nostalgic taste of Skittles®. 

Pinot Grigio + Hershey’s Special Dark 

The sweet, tart flavor of Pinot Grigio can be balanced perfectly with the bittersweet of dark chocolate. With a bottle of Prophecy Pinot Grigio in hand, you’ll see that this combo is in the stars. 

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