9 Ways to Have a Memorable New Year’s Eve at Home

New Year’s Eve, much like most of  2020, feels a little different this year. Make the most of a night in with your family with 9 creative ways to countdown to 2021. 

 1. Redecorate the tree.

If you have a Christmas tree, repurpose it with festive streamers and ribbon. It will bring new life to your seasonal decorations, plus it’s a fun activity for the entire family. 

 2. Jam out with your loved ones.

Use Spotify to start a remote listening session with your friends and family. Need a little musical inspiration? Reminisce on 2020 and get hyped for 2021 with our New Year’s Eve Night In playlist. 

 3. Exchange gifts. 

Set a budget and a theme so you and your friends can exchange gifts over Zoom. If most of you have health-related resolutions, your theme could be fitness gifts – the possibilities are endless. 

 4. Have a movie night.

Family movie night can always be kicked up a notch with a seasonal movie, cozy clothes, and popcorn, of course! You can round out your holiday movie bucket list or check out something you’ve never seen before. 

 5. Explore traditions from other cultures.

From eating grapes (Spain) to opening your windows to let in the New Year (Philippines), the world is rich with cultures and traditions that you can explore.  

 6. Share your resolutions with your family.

It’s easier to keep your goals on track when you share them with others. Encourage your family to share their personal resolutions and offer encouragement for one another. 

 7. Create your own (crafted) “fireworks”.

Get the kiddos involved by creating your own confetti poppers to use at midnight. Each person in your family can put their own personality into their design to make it even more special. 

 8. Cook for good luck.

There are lots of traditional dishes that bring good luck in the New Year. Whip up a traditional dish like black eyed peas or Herring  – don’t forget to make enough for New Year’s Day, too. 

 9. Host a virtual toast at midnight. 

There’s nothing like bringing in the new year with your closest friends and family. Stay connected, safely, by hosting a virtual toast at midnight to share your resolutions and gratitude for your circle 

However you plan on celebrating the New Year, one thing is for sure: it’s worth celebrating. Get everything you need for the perfect night-in delivered with Shipt

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