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A Note to Our Community About Coronavirus

Updated (February 10, 2021)

During this pandemic, our top priority is you — our community of customers, shoppers and team members. Nothing is more important than your health and safety. Here’s what we’re doing to protect our shoppers, serve our customers and support our team during this challenging time.

Contactless Delivery: Our default no-contact delivery provides a healthy and safe delivery experience for everyone. Shoppers leave orders in a secure spot at a customer’s door and text once they have done so. 

Increasing Our Support Team: We’ve increased our support staff, who are at the ready to help customers and shoppers, if needed. Shipt’s support team operates 24/7 and is available to provide timely service.

Adding to Our Shopper Community: During the pandemic, Shipt experienced fast-paced growth and more than doubled its shopper base. Shipt onboarded an additional 150,000 shoppers to the platform during the holiday season and will continue to invest in the shopper community to meet customer needs. 

Financial Assistance: We’re providing up to two weeks of financial assistance to shoppers diagnosed, quarantined or who have a household member who tests positive for COVID-19. While sick and/or quarantined, shoppers will receive the average of their previous weekly Shipt earnings for the prior four week period, including in-app tips. When shoppers contact us to report they’re awaiting test results or that a household member has tested positive, we temporarily deactivate them. Once they submit a confirmation from a medical professional, then they are clear to resume working and are reactivated. 

Bonus Pay: During the pandemic, Shipt has recognized shoppers with additional pay in the form of four nationwide bonuses that recognized the shopper community for maintaining exceptional service, managing changing customer needs and keeping up with high demand amid the pandemic. 

Complimentary Masks, Wipes and Hand Sanitizer: In partnership with Target, we’re providing all shoppers with masks, which shoppers can pick up at their nearest Target store. Every month, Shipt proactively emails all active shoppers to ask if they would like to receive reusable face masks, disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer at no cost to them. We’ve sent hundreds of thousands of emails offering personal protective equipment and invested millions of dollars since beginning this program in June and we remain committed to this program. 

In-App Shopper Health Checks: All shoppers are required to review a daily health check in the app and agree to the terms. This includes agreeing not to shop or deliver if they are exhibiting symptoms, are awaiting test results or have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. 

Making the latest CDC Guidance Available: We provide the shopper community with the latest CDC guidance and healthy hygiene habits to use in keeping themselves, their families and their communities safe. 

Updating product availability: We work closely with all retail partners to maintain up-to-date information on inventories and preserve order accuracy and fulfillment.

Vaccine Support: Shipt’s Vaccine Payment Program allows active shoppers to apply for up to $50 in stipends for receiving the coronavirus vaccine. With proof of vaccination, shoppers are eligible for a $25 stipend per dose. This financial incentive is available to shoppers through at least June 1. Shipt commits to staying close to the rapidly evolving situation when making possible future extension decisions. 

Shipt is also working with its headquarters team members to remove barriers to getting the vaccine during working hours. Hourly team members will be provided paid time off to cover their absence for receiving vaccine doses. 

We encourage everyone to visit the CDC’s COVID-19 hub or their local health department’s website for more information on vaccine availability and guidance.

For the latest updates on our continued efforts, continue to check back here.

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