A Toast to Spring!

The sun is shining, and we’re hoarding all the seasonal produce we can get. We’re constantly in awe of how good a fruit or vegetable can taste in the peak of their season. It tastes like how your lawn looks in full bloom or how great you feel when getting an extra hour in your day!


So, what do we do with such edible gems? Put them on toast!

Cut slices of your favorite bread (We went with a baguette, but whole grain is a good second choice). Lightly toast the slices at a friendly 350 degrees. Carefully watch the oven. You want golden edges and a slightly darker tan overall. The bread should be crisp enough to hold your tasty toppings.


Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, and Pistachio Toast

Top your toast with pieces of dark chocolate, and broil them in the oven for 2 minutes (just enough to melt). Take them out, nestle slices of strawberry onto the chocolate, and sprinkle chopped pistachios over them.


When serving throw some chopped pistachios on the plate as well, for a wow-worthy look! The sweet strawberries are perfect with the creamy bitter chocolate, while the salty crunchy pistachios add a perfect pop of color and flavor.


Arugula, Radish, and Honey Toast

Toss your leafy greens with a splash of your favorite vinaigrette, and lay some of the dressed arugula on top of your toast. Thinly slice a fresh radish and arrange them over the arugula. Drizzle honey on top!


The peppery arugula and vibrant crisp radishes are refreshing, while the vinaigrette adds a bright acidity and the honey, a balancing sweetness.

PB&B Toast

A twist on a classic PB&J, this starts with your favorite nut butter. We went with crunchy peanut butter! Then simply drop some blueberries on top, and presto!


Quick and easy, but don’t let it fool you. The pairing of plump blueberries with that salty, nuttiness is dangerously addicting!


Asparagus and Goat Cheese Toast

A crowd favorite, this toast is an example of truly letting your produce shine. Spread softened goat cheese over your toast. Lightly sauté your asparagus spears in olive oil, sprinkle them with salt, and gently press them into the cheese.


The earthy asparagus and tangy, creamy goat cheese are a magical combination. Crack some black pepper over them to highlight the duo with a nice peppery finish!


Make time to enjoy the delicious things in life, (especially with recipes that take no time at all).

Take time to savor the things you love, we’ll get the groceries.

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