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Announcing Shipt “1.1.1 delicious-hippopotamus”

Shipt App Version 1.1.1 Delicious Hippopotamus

First off, we (everyone at Shipt including the Shipt Engineering team) have been listening to all of the great feedback you have been sending us. We have some features in Shipt 1.1.1 that we think will really give everyone a better experience when grocery shopping with Shipt. Version Delicious-Hippopotamus is available in the app store for our customers.

Interesting Aside: You might be wondering what the heck “delicious-hippopotamus” means. Well, in our opinion “1.1.1” versioning is lacking in creativity. So we have decided to give our releases a little more…personality! Who knows, the next one could be “uppity-toad” or “gifted-catfish”. We pair an adjective with an animal. After you read about all the updates, suggest our next name in the comments below.

Your Orders


More information on your grocery orders in the app
There is a ton of new functionality around the “Your Orders” area of the app. You can now click on an order that you have placed and see a whole bunch of details about the order. If it is delivered you will be able to see a list of the items you ordered and if they were substituted and how many of that item you received compared to what you ordered. You will also be able to see your order totals broken down into Subtotal, Delivery Fee (if any), Tax, and the final Total.

For orders that you have placed but are not within a few hours of the delivery window, you will be able to edit and add to the order. This will be great because if you place an order and then get home to realize you forgot to add a few items that you really needed, you can now just go into the app and either add a product and if you can’t find it like normal you can make a special request. The shopper for your order will get a notification that your order has changed so they can make sure to see the most updated order.

Add to your online grocery orders right from the app

For orders you decide you do not want any more you can now cancel them as long as the shopper has not started shopping the order yet.

Shopper Rating Reasons

Rate your Shipt Shopper in the grocery delivery mobile app

Rating shoppers is a great way for you to let us and the shoppers know how we are doing. So in this new version of the app if a shopper receives a rating of 4 or less stars you will be able to choose from some options to let us know easily what was not perfect about the order. Basically, anything below 5 out of 5 stars we want to know how we can give you a better experience.

Choose Previous Order Delivery Instructions

Re-use delivery instructions in the Shipt app
You are now able to add delivery instructions from previous orders you have placed to new orders. Many people have instructions that they need added to every delivery and this will save lots of time typing the same thing over and over again.

View Previous Special Requests

View previous special requests in the grocery shopping app
To add to the feature of being able to see your previously purchased products, we are giving the ability to see previously purchased special requests. To see them go into your Recently Purchased Items and then at the bottom you will see where you can choose to see all of your Previous Special Requests.

We think you will love these features. They are our response to your feedback and continued support. It’s always our goal to listen to you, our customer, and continually make grocery delivery more valuable to your daily life and endeavors.

Thanks, we hope you love the new features!
-Your Friends from Shipt Engineering


  1. Jennifer johnson

    I like the new change ideas–ESP the ability to edit orders placed in advance.
    I have used the Shipt delivery for about 7 weeks.
    There are certain products that I would order almost weekly that are still special request items.
    I wanted to ask if these items could be added to the inventory bc my husband isn’t comfortable paying multiple special request fees every week and so he makes a separate grocery trip to purchase unlisted items!
    Dr. Teal’s Epsom salt: 3 pound bag, milk and honey scent and lavender scent
    Publix brand small paper plates
    Publix brand lunch size paper plates
    Coffee mate “original flavor”, fat free
    (There are lots of flavors listed
    but I can’t seem to find original?)
    Kind Bars-4pk-dark chocolate and sea salt (other flavors are listed but this is a very popular one and not offered–)
    All of these items are typically stocked at Publix in Vestavia which is where we shop.

    I have really enjoyed using Shipt each week and the delivery is overall quick, easy and friendly! I wanted to wait a month and see if any of my “regular” request items showed up in the system. I’m sure many factors go in to what y’all choose to offer, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask!!!
    Happy Shipt customer,
    Jenny Johnson


      Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for the feedback. In honor of your request, we are adding these items today. – Your friends at Shipt

  2. BettieB. Sullivan

    I find that the Publix specials of the week are often not included in the order form, so Shipt customers do not get the BOGO or special prices, or at least only on a few items. Please correct this problem. It has reduced my satisfaction with the process.


      Thank so much for the feedback, Bettie! We do no include every bogo and weekly item. Currently we select the best and most featured items to include on a weekly basis. We are working toward including more of these in the future. You’re feedback is super important! Thank you for telling us what you’d like to see.

  3. Julian Kruger

    I know Publix carries ready made salads like Chef Salds etc.They are not listed .I do not like to special request because I need to know up front costs.Something you may want to consider.

  4. Julian Kruger

    It would be nice to be able to contact the shopper via messaging before they even text us. Also to be able to track in real time where the shopper is from the time they begin shopping.


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