Announcing Shipt “1.2 Pluto’s-body-issues”

Shipt Grocery Delivery Version 1.2 Pluto's Body Issues

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Shipt Version 1.2

Shipt Version 1.2 who?

Shipt Version 1.2 …. Seriously, no joke.

We are thrilled to announce that Shipt 1.2 is now available to the world! We’ve added new features and improved a few things, so let’s take a brief moment to review the wonderful world of Shipt 1.2…

Shipt Version 1.2 Rate Your Order

Order Rating and Feedback Improvements

Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, so we have streamlined our review process. Rather than sending push notifications after a delivery, we will provide you with a subtle reminder to review past orders when you open the app. We will give you the opportunity to immediately rate your last order and move on with your grocery shopping. We want this process to be quick and painless, while also ensuring that our team at Shipt is regularly learning from you, our customer.

Shipt Version 1.2 Invite Friends

Invite Your Friends to Use Shipt!

Got a friend who would love Shipt? Well, now you can invite them to join through the app and receive a $10 credit! Think about it, one quick invite equals a free box of cereal and gallon of milk – not bad. Also, through this new feature, you will be able to share invites via social media, email and text messages.

We love receiving your feedback and are always identifying and developing new features that will simplify your life. As we grow, we will continue our commitment to bring you new features on a regular basis! Stay tuned for more exciting news.

Interesting Aside: You might be wondering what the heck “Pluto’s-body-issues” means. Well, in our opinion the “1.2” versioning is lacking in creativity. We usually pair an random adjective with an interesting noun, but there is no rule! Suggest the name of our next release in the comments below.

-Your Friends from Shipt Engineering

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