Astrology: September Edition

Summer is ending and it’s time to transition to fall… which actually means we are in full-blown autumn mode. That’s right, Virgo season is here, people. It’s time to focus on our practical side, enjoy the outdoors, and maybe do some deep cleaning. 

Enjoy your September horoscope with a slight breeze and pretend fall is already here. 


Loyal Virgo, this month is your oyster. From the get-go, Mercury provides intense communication. Don’t worry, that’s not always a bad thing. Follow your heart and mid-month you’ll start to regain the harmony you desire. Take a break from work and make a little mess – you can clean it up right after. Use a rolling pin to de-stress and bake up a fall treat. Did someone say pumpkin sourdough?


Sweet Libra, your love life is off to a rocky start this month with Venus in Cancer. But, soon she’ll enter Leo giving you back a playful energy, albeit a little dramatic. Your perfect fall day involves relaxing and unwinding in the great outdoors. Grab yourself a camping quilt and snuggle up beneath the stars. If your S.O. is tagging along, wait until after September 6th – thank us later. 


Try not to get hung up in negative energy this month, Scorpio. Mars is retrograde in Aries, so tread lightly. Later, Mercury will enter your corner and you’ll feel more focused than usual. Use that focus and your natural resourcefulness to whip up a refreshing treat. Hot (or iced, if you like) apple cider is sure to hit the spot. Plus, you’ll feel oh, so accomplished from brewing it yourself.  


You’re feeling optimistic, Sagittarius. Jupiter is entering Capricorn which means luck is on your side. We know you’re dying to experience all of the mini-road trips and outdoor activities that fall has in store, but this year might look a little different. Don’t let it get you down. Curl up by a firepit in a chic cozy throw blanket and this fall won’t disappoint. 


With Saturn in Capricorn, you’re feeling somber yet focused. Keep it up and you’ll accomplish great things this month. The holiday season is just around the corner, so you’re ready to dive into all things tradition: family time, great meals, and R&R after a busy year at work. The fruits of your labor are incoming. In the meantime, light up an autumn-inspired scented candle and you’ll forget it’s only September. 


After a year of feeling cooped up, you’ll be happy to know that Uranus enters Taurus this month. That means you can expect the unexpected. Stay positive and you won’t be disappointed. Whether you care about the sport or not, football season is here and you’re ready for socialization that only tailgating can provide. Grab a cooler or an indoor grill and bring the tailgating to you. 


You’re feeling exceptionally imaginative this month because Neptune (your ruling planet) is in your corner. It’s a great time to daydream about a room makeover, take the leap and tackle that mural you’ve always wanted to paint, or even escape into a far off land through a good book. As your mind wanders, bring on the cozy at home with a pair of fuzzy socks – your fantasy adventures await. 


There’s conflict in the air, Aries. You’ll want to press snooze on your desire to be competitive and opt for some low-stakes fun with your friends and family. With Mars in retrograde in Aries, prepare for a bumpy ride. Get out your pent-up energy with a friendly (remember: non-competitive) game of catch. Casually tossing a football is a great excuse for fresh air and chit chat with a loved one. 


Brace yourself for surprises, kind Taurus. As Venus makes its way from Leo to Cancer, your love and finances may experience some shifts. Remember: Take a step back and treasure small indulgences every now and again – you deserve it. Some say it’s overrated, but a pumpkin spice latte is just what you need. It’s a staple of the season for a reason. Reliable and sweet? Sounds familiar. 


Time to celebrate, gentle Gemini! This month, Mercury leaves Virgo and enters Libra which means diplomacy and kindness in your communication. You’ll feel at peace most of this month and deserve to relish it as much as you want. When you’re feeling cooped up, take a walk around the block or a relaxing drive. Don’t forget a travel mug to keep your beverage as toasty (or chilled) as you like. 


The month begins with a full moon in Pisces, so you’ll feel creative and inspired. Later, a new moon arrives in Virgo and you’ll feel introspective. Don’t shy away from a little self-help or self-care. You’re hungry for the holiday season – when homes are warm and smell of comfort food. Bring it to the present and bake your favorite casserole. After all, every day is a holiday with you. 


With the sun in Virgo, you’re feeling an air of positivity this month, Leo. True, your season just ended and you’re coming down from a spotlight high. But good things are in store. Keep your chin up and head held high (should be no problem for you) and you’ll attract great things. Feel your best with a pop of color à la a new scarf – bold accessories suit you well. 

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