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mother and son playing with toys in living room

2017 Means More with Shipt

What do you want more of this year? More you-time. More balance. More bedtime stories. More weekend pancakes. Whatever you want more of – let us get the groceries so you have more time and energy for what matters most in 2017. How can Shipt help you find your “more”? There is no one-size-fits-all answer […]

Charlotte Local Love: Our Favorite Spots in the Queen City

We’ve never visited the same Charlotte twice. The locals will tell you: Charlotte is the type of place that’s always growing, changing, and evolving. It keeps you guessing with pop-up coffee shops, outdoor adventures, and rich cultural diversity. You could visit Charlotte ten times over and never have the same experience twice… and we love […]

The ShiptLife: Defining our company culture

Picture this: You ask a group of people the same question, but they all have different, unique answers. Makes sense. But what about when you ask a group of people, all with different backgrounds and perspectives, the same question – and they all give you the same answer? That goes deeper than chance. It’s also […]

The Freshest In-Season Fall Produce Delivered with Shipt - Autumn Produce

Flavors of Fall: What’s In Season Now

With the transition into a newer and cooler fall season, there’s a whole new crop of fresh, delicious produce available. Make the most of the season by cooking with favorite fall produce and even trying a new food or two – the possibilities are endless with vibrant, flavorful ingredients like sage, squash and pumpkins. Here’s […]

Shipt Better Breakfast Category

3 Recipes for a Better Breakfast

Mornings. You either love them or you hate them. No matter where you stand on the issue, we’ve got recipe ideas to give your a.m. routine that little extra something to get your day started off right. We’ve even created a new grocery category in the app, Better Breakfast, that’s filled with ingredient inspiration for […]

Shipt and Meijer Launch Detroit Grocery Delivery

Local Love: Discovering Detroit with Meijer

Detroit isn’t flashy – but that’s because it wants you to dig deeper. There’s pride and personality to be found in every crevice, every alley, every corner. Its urban vibe is built on decades of hard work, blending roots with renaissance with a little Motor City swagger thrown in. In a matter of minutes, you […]

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