A Birthday Surprise, Delivered

We love hearing how members rely on Shipt for their weekly staples, but it makes us just as happy to see the little ways they use Shipt to make special moments even more enjoyable. San Antonio shopper Sara Dubay did just that last month, when she involved her fellow shoppers in an epic surprise for her husband, Travis.  

Travis isn’t a fan of big birthday celebrations, so Sara pretended everything was normal and signed up to work on the morning of his special day. Little did Travis know, he was in for a few surprises from Shipt that day — every hour, on the hour. The night before, Sara had shared her plans with her fellow San Antonio shoppers in the local team Facebook group. Her post was met with a chorus of shoppers volunteering to help.  

The birthday surprises kicked off with a balloon bouquet brought by Whitney, who sweetened the delivery with an extra treat for Travis. Since Whitney is a good friend of Sara’s, Travis thought she’d just stopped by on her own.

Second up were candles for Travis’ cake, along with birthday cake Oreos and a Grumpy Cat balloon, delivered by Sunny. Like Whitney, Sunny added a personal touch by playing the Grumpy Cat birthday song on her phone for Travis.

By the time Sunny left, Travis had caught on to Sara’s plan and wasn’t surprised to hear the doorbell ring a third time. This time it was Sophia, who brought a birthday cake-flavored ice cream treat and a birthday boy ribbon. She also added a card for him from the Shipt family.

Four hours later, it was time for the grand finale … the cake. Sara arrived home just a few minutes before Jamie rang the doorbell, bearing Travis’ favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. Jamie tied the bow on the surprise by singing what Sara called “the most beautiful version of ‘Happy Birthday’ I could have ordered.”

The orders may have been unconventional, but the San Antonio shoppers delivered — and went above and beyond, like they always do. Happy birthday, Travis! We can’t wait to see what creative surprise Sara and the San Antonio team plan next year.

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