Roast Vegetables with Shipt

Resolutions and Roasted Vegetables

Start this year fresh with a bowl of roasted veggies and self-love. There’s something about the concept of “new” that is so kind. New feels generous, to yourself and the world around you. New looks like intention and prioritizing. New sounds like second chances and revitalized ambition, (it also sounds like hot, bubbling coffee and […]

In-season Spring Fruits & What to Do With Them

“It’s about time Birmingham has something new,” one of our beta testers told us after using Shipt Groceries for the first time. At Shipt, what’s new is what we do. We’re trying to create grocery shopping of the future. But “new” is emerging more and more in conversations about Birmingham. As the Magic City continues to grow and change, new […]

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If you’re harboring some serious guilt over your junk food indulgences, there’s good news! These junk foods can actually be good for you. The better news: soon you can have them delivered right to your door! Check out for more info. Pork Rinds A 1-ounce serving of pork rinds has zero carbs, 17 g […]

Category: Blog, Food & Drink, Healthy

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