A Toast to Spring!

The sun is shining, and we’re hoarding all the seasonal produce we can get. We’re constantly in awe of how good a fruit or vegetable can taste in the peak of their season. It tastes like how your lawn looks in full bloom or how great you feel when getting an extra hour in your day! […]

Pi Day, Pie Day, Pizza Day!

Today we celebrate Pi Day and Einstein’s Birthday! What’s Pi Day, you ask? It’s a celebration of Pi (π) 3.14, because, it’s March 14th! Pi Day was the best classroom holiday. It didn’t matter if school wasn’t let out — nothing compared to that one day when we’d combine a routine math lesson plan with pies […]

March is National Peanut Month!

It’s National Peanut Month, and the Southerner in me has always been head-over-heels for this quintessentially Southern snack food. Peanuts remind me of family trips down to the Emerald Coast, getting sidetracked for boiled peanuts sold along the road and porch-sitting on a hot summer’s afternoon, taking swigs of chilled Coca Cola in glass bottles […]

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