Summer Salads: Ambrosia Salad

Sweet and rich, this dish is made from fluffy marshmallows and at least three types of fruit. Try this traditional Southern dish at your next cookout. Ambrosia Salad Serves 4-6 Ingredients 3 cups Cool Whip™ 4 cups mini marshmallows 1 cup sweetened shredded coconut 1 cup canned mandarin oranges, drained 1 cup maraschino cherries, drained […]

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Summer Salads: Chickpea Pasta Salad

Creamy avocado and juicy tomatoes shine in a zingy shallot vinaigrette. This healthy pasta salad is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for all those backyard summer shindigs. Chickpea Pasta Salad Serves 2 Ingredients Salad 1 cup rotini pasta, cooked and cooled  1 cup canned chickpeas, rinsed and drained ½ cup cherry tomatoes, halved 1 avocado, […]

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Summer Salads: Watermelon Arugula Salad

Peppery arugula meets juicy watermelon with this sweet salad. Add in some savory feta and summery basil for a light lunch that’s sure to delight. Watermelon Arugula Salad Serves 2 Ingredients Salad 4 cups arugula 2 cups cubed watermelon ½ cup basil ½ cup mint ⅓ cup crumbled feta cheese Honey Vinaigrette 3 tablespoons olive […]

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Summer Salads: Strawberry Spinach Salad

Spinach, strawberries, and shallots combine to delight your palate in this bright salad. With a berry jam balsamic vinaigrette, this salad will become your new fave. Strawberry Spinach Salad Serves 2 Ingredients Salad 4 cups baby spinach 1 cup strawberries, sliced  1 small shallot, sliced ½ cup feta cheese ¼ cup pistachios, shelled Berry Jam […]

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Food for Thought: The Scoop on Ice Cream’s History

Is there anything more comforting than a tall scoop of ice cream? Whether you prefer it cool and minty, stuffed with cookies, or flavored like a pistachio, a bite of ice cream is basically instantaneous joy.  However, here’s an ice-cold fact: Ice cream hasn’t been around forever. In fact, ice cream was one of the […]

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Your Summer Guide to Vegetarian-Friendly Grilling

Summertime means backyard barbecues are in full swing. But, long gone are the days of meat-only options. Fire up the grill and let’s serve meatless options that are sure to wow.  Portobello Mushrooms  Vegan Why we love it: The umami flavor profile creates a similar experience to traditional meat. Pro tip: Marinate with Moore’s Marinade […]

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4 Ways to Rosé All Day

Rosé in a cocktail? Wine not? These summer-inspired cocktails take this classic wine to the next level. From sunny side-up to sunset, rosé is the perfect light wine for all your most relaxing summer activities. Ready to rosé all day? Put on your summer playlist and place your Shipt order – you’ve got cocktails to […]

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