healthy hack for banana pancakes drizzled in syrup

Healthy Food Swaps for Summer

We’re always looking for fresh ways to make the most of summer, and that includes the food we eat. These summer recipes offer a new spin on classics you know and love (buffalo chicken wings, anyone?) with healthy ingredients swapped in to leave you feeling good. Whether you’re craving breakfast, lunch or dinner, these recipes […]

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chocolate truffles from the Shipt kitchen

Easy Truffles That Won’t Bake You Crazy

Summer is quickly approaching and that means your kitchen is about to get HOT. For those days when you can’t bear the thought of using an oven but need to satisfy your sweet tooth, these homemade truffles are sure to do the trick. Keep your kitchen cool with not one, not two, but three ways […]

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shipt recipes | homemade chicken nuggets made with a cheerios crust

Ext-ROAR-dinary Chicken Nuggets

The days of eating plain old chicken nuggets are going extinct. Why be bland when you can serve your family a plate of homemade “dinosaur” nuggets? Don’t worry, these nuggets don’t have any real dino in them, but they do have a twist. Covered in a layer of crunchy Honey Nut Cheerios, these chicken nuggets […]

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Shipt Recipes | buttery southern biscuit with strawberries and whip cream

Perfecting the Southern Biscuit

Shipt was born and raised in Birmingham, so we know the best part of family meals are the homemade buttermilk biscuits. Here in the South, every friend or family member has their own tips and tricks for making the perfect biscuit, so we asked for your favorites on Instagram. What’s the secret you ask? Frozen […]

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Shipt recipes | bright and tasty macarons

Shipt Makes It Easy: Macarons

Crunchy on the outside and smooth on the inside, the macaron may seem like one tough cookie to make, but fear not! We’re breaking down the tips and tricks the pros use to make these delicious mini cookie sandwiches, including why you’re supposed to “drop them.” Though small in stature, they’re mighty and full of […]

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recipes for berries by Shipt | poptarts | jams | with strawberries

Save Your Berries for Three Fun Recipes

Summer is approaching, and with the good weather and backyard barbeques comes one of our favorite summer fruits –  berries! But as we all know, berries can go bad quickly. In the spirit of Earth Day today, we’re here with a few tips and tricks to ensure you don’t waste these delicious treats. These three […]

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