Cooking with Reese: Edible Cookie Dough Footballs

Sponsored by General Mills. Football season is all about good games and great eats. Halftime cookies, anyone?  Touchdown! Embrace the urge to eat raw cookie dough with Pillsbury® Safe-to-Eat-Raw refrigerated dough. Dress them up as adorable mini-footballs with a few simple steps and get ready to cheer on your favorite team.  Edible Cookie Dough Footballs […]

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Food for Thought: A Dip Into Salsa

Move over jarred salsa– nothing beats the fresh homemade stuff. Did you know salsa (Spanish for “sauce”) dates back to ancient Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas? Salsa varies from country to country and family to family. There are the classics like Mexican pico de gallo, Argentinian chimichurri, Cuban sofrito – and then there’s Guatemalan chirmol. This […]

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From the Shipt Kitchen: Paradise Pineapple Cocktail

It’s here: The perfect cocktail recipe (or mocktail!) to beat the sweltering summer heat. This tropical drink will make you feel like you’re vacationing on a faraway island. Cheers to Shipt Shoppers delivering the perfect pineapple for this tropical escape!  Paradise Pineapple Cocktail  Makes 2 drinks Ingredients: 2 whole pineapples 2 whole oranges 3 ounces […]

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From the Shipt Kitchen: Rosé Ice Cubes

If you’re looking for an excuse to toast to the original pink drink, now you’ve got one: We’re celebrating rosé month all August long. Try this fun and simple way to liven up those crisp sips.  The best part of this recipe? It’s completely customizable. Use your favorite rosé and sparkling wine, choose whichever fruit […]

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8 Sweet Recipes for your S’mores Cravings

There’s always room for some more s’mores – we’ve got plenty! Forget the campfire and make these treats in the comfort of your own kitchen. The classic recipe will always be near-and-dear to our hearts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t shake things up a bit.  Try your hand at these 8 fun s’mores recipes: 1. […]

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Shipt and Kraft Heinz: Ham and Cheese Portable Pies

In partnership with Kraft Heinz.  Another year of school is almost here and however the semester looks for your family, one thing’s for sure: You’re busy! Don’t sweat meal prep, we’ve got the perfect recipe for your routine. These tasty, savory pastries are perfect for a quick dinner, on-the-go lunch, or easy breakfast.   Ham and […]

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From the Shipt Kitchen: Taco Meal Prep on a Budget

We’ve all heard that healthy meal prep can save you time and money. So, why aren’t we all doing it? We turned to our resident meal prep master, Associate Digital Merchandising Manager, Mary W. to get her expert meal prep tips. Before you get started, Mary recommends snagging these glass storage containers because they’re microwavable, […]

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