Deliver Your Heart Out

When it comes to getting gifts for those you love, let Shipt be your personal shopper – literally. We don’t want to gush, but here are a few reasons to fall head over heels with our delivery.  Choose who shops. This membership-exclusive feature lets you add your Preferred Shoppers*. That means handpicking who handles your […]

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5 Simple Swaps That Make a Big Difference

You don’t need to overhaul your entire life to make a difference for our planet. Switching your single-use products for reusable or recyclable versions is an easy place to start. Bonus – you’ll save money in the long run! Here’s our list of 5 common single-use products that you can easily swap for more eco-friendly […]

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5 Habits to Reduce Food Waste, Right Now

Did you know we toss out nearly 40% of the U.S. food supply? Food waste in this country is excessive, expensive, and environmentally harmful. The good news: We can all do our part to help reduce it.  Follow our 5 tips to stretch your budget, and lessen your carbon footprint, and cut food waste. (We’re […]

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5 Ways to Hack Spring Cleaning

When it comes to spring cleaning, “out with the old and in with the new” is our motto. But that doesn’t mean we’re tossing everything! Whether you’re trying out new supplies or finding new uses for trusty tools, it’s time to revamp your spring cleaning routine. Give these 5 tips and tricks a try to […]

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Deck the Halls: Dried Orange Garland

Get your home holiday-ready by accessorizing the trickiest spots with one universal item – garland. Garlands come in many different materials and can be easily layered. We’ve teamed up with Nathan and Julia Flowers to show you how to dress up your mantle, tree, dining table, and more just in time for the holidays.  Here’s how […]

DIY Diploma Day: Host an At-home Graduation Party

Graduating is an amazing accomplishment, and we know you’re ready to celebrate your student! If their official graduation is a no-go – worry not – you can still throw a diploma-day bash. Show your grad some love with a commencement celebration delivered by Shipt, with a little inspiration from this shopping syllabus: Photobooth Decor  Set the Stage […]

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A Gift for Mom

We’ve given a lot of thought to what might make mom happy right now, and this Mother’s  Day, we’re gifting a few minutes of me-time. From cute coloring pages to a simple slime recipe, the moms of Shipt HQ compiled some of our favorite low-maintenance activities designed to keep little hands busy – and hopefully, […]

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