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Celebrate National Simplify Your Life Week with These 4 Features

Here at Shipt, we’re all about making life simpler. And that’s why in honor of National Simplify Your Life Week, and we’re highlighting a few of our features that can do just that. Give these a try so you can get back to living the simple life.   1. My Lists Have a running list […]

he Internet Marketing Association's IMPACT16 event in Las Vegas

Shipt Named IMA Disrupter of the Year

When we set out to create a grocery delivery service, our goal to was to make life easier for you – the busy parent, the young professional, the person who juggles everything effortlessly. We created grocery delivery for people like you (and people like us!) to save time for what matters. What happened next would […]

Skip the Grocery List, Shipt’s Holiday Categories are Here!

Kosher, cookies, milk, latkes, entertaining, and supplies: we’ve got what you need in our holiday categories! Now you can make sure you don’t forget anything this year. Remember last year when you forgot to make dessert? Don’t get caught sneaking out to buy baking supplies a couple of hours before your meal. Holiday categories make last minute […]

Announcing Shipt “1.2 Pluto’s-body-issues”

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Shipt Version 1.2 Shipt Version 1.2 who? Shipt Version 1.2 …. Seriously, no joke. We are thrilled to announce that Shipt 1.2 is now available to the world! We’ve added new features and improved a few things, so let’s take a brief moment to review the wonderful world of Shipt 1.2… Order […]

Announcing Shipt “1.1.1 delicious-hippopotamus”

First off, we (everyone at Shipt including the Shipt Engineering team) have been listening to all of the great feedback you have been sending us. We have some features in Shipt 1.1.1 that we think will really give everyone a better experience when grocery shopping with Shipt. Version Delicious-Hippopotamus is available in the app store […]

Shipt Wants You to Break Up with the Grocery Store. Forever.

  We have successfully launched grocery delivery in Birmingham, Alabama. For Nashville, Dallas and everyone who is eager to break up with grocery shopping: Want to see the Shipt app in action? It’s time to break up with the grocery store. Technology has made our lives more convenient than ever. In case you forgot, we carry small computer-phones […]

Shipt Scavenger Hunt

Shipt Website Scavenger Hunt: Win one year of FREE grocery delivery! has a brand new look! To celebrate our new website, we are hosting a scavenger hunt and giving away FOUR one-year MemberShipts. Each day, we will post a new clue to our Facebook page. Once you find the answer on our website, you will be directed to a secret webpage where you can […]

Shipt Meals

Isn’t fast food just so easy? Is there really any other reason people actually eat fast food? What if you could have the convenience of fast food but better quality? Better yet, what if you didn’t even have to go to the restaurant? What if it just showed up at your door like magic? Am […]

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