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Use Shipt to stock your office break room!

Breakroom Snacks = Healthier, Happier Team

What does it take to make employees happy? Well everyone has their own thoughts, but we can probably all agree that a stocked break room filled with delicious and healthy snacks is one way to keep spirits up. A recent study would tend to agree with us (don’t you love those studies?!) – 72 percent […]

Healthy Foods for Families, Let’s Make it Happen!

At Shipt, we strive to bring the convenience of grocery delivery to busy people across the country. We want to allow our members to spend less time grocery shopping and more time doing the things they care about. It’s a mission we love, and it keeps us motivated every day. During our grocery delivery journey […]

#HowDadCares [straight from the heart of HQ]

Dad Day is coming up.  And, we can’t wait. Because dads are well, dads. And the way they love is different. For example, my parents live in another state. Whenever I come home, I find hiking socks (or some other hiking gear, but usually hiking socks. Some kind of socks.) in my room. And they […]

I Love My Mom Because… [straight from the heart of HQ]

We could never express all the reasons that we love our moms.  Because, your mom, my mom, our moms are Superheros. Magicians. Navigators. Trailblazers. Healers. Warriors. Cheerleaders. Inspirers. Hard workers. Storytellers. Artists. Chefs. Builders. Gardeners. Peacemakers. Pillars. Sacrificers. Laugh-makers. Supporters. Jokers. Huggers. Snugglers. Cuddlers. Encouragers. Fighters. So, we sat and thought about how we could […]

#ShiptLife Community: Kulture City and JVTF

Have we told you lately about how much we love our home city?! Well, we’re going to say it again. Loud and proud. We love you, Birmingham! You’re growing and booming, and you’re just so beautiful and fun. We feel lucky to take part in Bham’s journey of revitalization and growth. There are groups and […]

Retweet Romance: 10 Tweets We ❤︎

We needed to take a moment to tell you how much we love hearing about the #ShiptLife from both members and shoppers. Each and every post is shared with the entire team, and we are constantly motivated to work harder to help people like you save more time for the things you love. We love […]

Reliving #SOBEWFF 2016!

Reliving #SOBEWFF 2016!

Hey Shipters! We’re back from SOBEWFF! We’re sore and exhausted but sun-kissed with hearts and bellies full. As a start-up (with a little over a year under our belts), working and attending SOBE Fest as Silver Level Sponsors was a huge deal for our team. And we want to tell you more about it! Leading up […]

Amping up the #ShiptLife in the Music City

Our relationship with Nashville just got a little more serious. Since July 2015, the Music City has welcomed Shipt with open arms, and we’re excited about our recent expansion in our second home! Literally, Nashville was our second Shipt city. While we were out delivering in Nashville, we started to hear rumblings of people in […]

Shipt is going to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival!

We’re going to the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival! (SOBE Fest, for short) And we want you to be in on the action. It’s sure to be nothing short of delicious and exciting! SOBE is hosted by the Food Network and Cooking Channel, while presented by FOOD & WINE. It’s […]

Random Acts of Kindness: How Our Shoppers Shine

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, and we just can’t let it go without sending out some love to our shoppers. Our shoppers continuously surprise us with their generosity, and to us, at many times, they exemplify the simple and powerful impact of small, random acts of kindness. We are genuinely so lucky to […]

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