Every Girl's Tailgate Guide with Emily Ley

Every Girl’s Tailgate Guide with Emily Ley

There are three reasons to love a good tailgate— football, friends, and good food. If you’re anything like me, those last two reasons rank far superior in your head than the first one. While I’m not always the most dedicated football fan, I’m always ready to throw a party and celebrate with friends whenever I […]

#ShiptLife with Superhero Emily Ley

Do you ever look at someone and wonder how they do it? Do you wonder how they manage to balance work, family, health, and fun without some magical time-warping gadget? Meet Emily Ley, founder and Creative Director of Emily Ley Paper and Gifts, design pro, mama of three, light and rainbows embodied. When we found […]

#ShiptLife: Trim Tab Brewing Company

We have some of the best and most interesting customers in the world. Whether you’re running a business or running low on time, Shipt is here for you. Check out our customer feature video featuring Cheri and Harris Stewart of TrimTab Brewery. Harris Stewart founded TrimTab Brewery in 2012. He started as a passionate home-brewer. […]

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