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Category: Shopper Stories

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Easy Lunchbox Recipes for Kids – Around the World Pasta Salads and Crêpes 101

Looking for ways to sneak some veggies into your kid’s lunch? Or suffering from sandwich bread boredom? Here are a few new ways to spice up lunchtime. From pasta salad recipes that put vegetables front and center (without scaring anyone away) to breaking free from the traditional lunchtime sandwich with savory crêpe recipes everyone will love, get […]

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Shopper Spotlight: Kali and Kelly Go Above and Beyond in Kalamazoo

Kali R., a fifth-generation Kalamazoo resident, has always felt her community was special. When she was tapped by friend and fellow Shipt shopper Kelly M. to help with a surprise donation order to the Gospel Mission, she jumped at the chance. Having experienced some hardships of her own, Kelly M. was the perfect person to […]

Shipt Shoppers’ Favorite Memories from 2018

What a year. In 2018, we found our way from the beaches of California to the mountains of Vermont and everywhere in between. As we grew across the country, we saw new shoppers, new members, new groceries (and so much more) and a whole lot of new memories. To bookmark the end of a great […]

Shipt Shopper Spotlight: Crystal A., Christmas Edition

After moving from Colorado to Austin, Texas, Shipt Shopper Crystal A. finds herself missing the winter snow, but that doesn’t mean she’s short on holiday cheer. From her very first Shipt shop the week of Thanksgiving, Crystal has loved helping people during this crazy time of year. Originally drawn to the flexible schedule, becoming a […]

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Shipt Shopper Spotlight: Lorie P.

Experienced Shipt Shopper Lorie P. can handle anything thrown her way – shopping a double or triple, balancing the schedules of three kids and even embracing life with an autoimmune disease. Little did she know that a personal experience would prepare her for the craziest shop of her life – helping a woman having contractions in […]

Do Something Nice Day featuring Shipt Shopper, Debra W.

After retiring from her job teaching high school special education a few years ago, Debra W. became a Shipt Shopper as a way to stay active while still maintaining her newfound flexibility. From growing up in a home with an open door policy for anyone in need, to years spent teaching, doing things for other […]

Shopper Spotlight: Ashley M., Miami (and MasterChef)

Miami shopper Ashley M. is making her dreams come true as a contestant on Season 9 of MasterChef. Her journey from being a teacher to cooking with a world-renowned chef was not a simple one. On her way to discovering her passion in life, Ashley ultimately found that a little faith (and cilantro) can go […]

Shopper Kudos: July Edition

We’re all about acknowledgement and teamwork at Shipt. That’s why each month, we ask our shoppers to give kudos to a fellow shopper by telling us how they go above and beyond, whether it’s for a member or another shopper — or, as is usually the case, both! We’re always blown away by our shoppers’ […]

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Shipt Shopper Stories: Celebrating Chris C.’s 7500th Shop

With a record high of 23 shops in a single day, it was only a matter of time before Shipt Shopper Chris C. hit a major milestone – the first to complete 7500 shops! Since joining the team in 2015, this Tampa-based shopper has gone above and beyond to help members and shoppers alike. A […]

Shipt Shopper Spotlight: Christine C., Chicago

After the stars of the “Shipt Show” completed two shops 750 miles apart from each other in one day, Chicago shopper Christine took it upon herself to beat their record and shop in 10 states over 5 days – totalling almost 2700 miles travelled! Along the way she learned that persistence is the key to […]

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