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Category: Shopper Stories

Meet Coral: the Shipt Shopper Behind the Big Sunglasses and Tiny Car

She’s known for her big sunglasses, her big bottle of water, her big sack of apples, and her tiny car (a white and checkered Mini Cooper to be exact). But that’s not all: Shipt shopper Coral A. is known for her big smile and her signature high-fives she gives to fellow Shipt shoppers and members […]

A Shipt Love Story

Meet Karen & Dave — two Shipt Shopper Sweethearts who found love 6 months ago at a Shipt shopper event celebrating the one-year Shiptversary in Tampa, Florida. The Shiptversary was a particularly big one as it was a milestone launch which catapulted Shipt into becoming a recognizable grocery delivery brand. Dave, whose Shipt social presence […]

Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we wanted to extend a huge heartfelt thank you to all our Shipt shoppers and members helping to make a difference in our communities, by not only the delicious food you deliver and make, but by the time and donations you’ve made to contributing to causes that matter to us the most. Here’s a summary of some […]

#ShiptLife Super Shopper Stories: Brooke Cashwell

Our super Shipt shoppers rock. They are the picture of generosity, community, and freedom in their community. They lend a helping hand, deliver with a smile, and go the extra mile. Meet the perfect example of a super shopper, Brooke! Brooke left 2 part-time jobs after she found happiness and freedom with Shipt. She even traveled […]

#ShiptLife Super Shopper Stories: Glenn Szeman

Last month, we celebrated our Detroit grocery delivery launch with Meijer. We love the Motor City. Its people and places are amazing, and we’ve met some fantastic shoppers who are helping us get #DetroitDelivered. Our shoppers make Shipt, Shipt. They zip through the grocery stores, hand selecting the freshest produce, and help our members with […]

Shipt Shoppers Wear Pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Shipt Shoppers Go Pink for October

Breast Cancer: It affects us all in some way or another – threatening to take away friends. Sisters. Mothers.  For those living with cancer, grocery shopping is often a challenge; some cancer patients use Shipt as a way to get fresh foods, to feel normal, without burdening friends and family. Others send groceries to sick family […]

Shipt Shopper Games 2016

The Shipt Shopper Games 2016

Two weeks ago, we challenged our shoppers to show off their skills.  Since then, Shipt Shoppers all over the country have been competing for the gold!  We measured their awesomeness in three categories: accuracy, rating, and improvement. The prize: a little extra spending money! These shoppers are full of grace, knowledge, hustle and competitive spirit. […]

Dispatched from HQ: #ShiptLife and Shopper Perks

We have some exciting news at HQ, and who better to tell you about it than the #ShiptShow‘s own, Elliott Potter. The following message dispatched from the MotherShipt this morning: “Hey guys. Let me start by saying thank you. Without your hard work and dedication, Shipt would just be an idea. We’ve come from being […]

#ShiptLife Super Shopper Stories

April is #ShiptLife month, and we can’t let this month pass without spreading some love to some of our most stellar shoppers. We already unveiled a video of some shoppers that soared past 1k shops. Now, we want to spotlight some shoppers that exemplify why we do what we do. They are the picture of generosity, community, and […]

#ShiptLife: Stellar Shoppers [1k Shop Status!!!]

April is #ShiptLife month, and we’re kicking it off by celebrating some of our most stellar shoppers. John, Leah, Chris G., Brandon, and Chris C. reached super Shipt stardom by shopping 1k shops. Holy cow, right?! Can you imagine shopping over a thousand orders for the people in your local community? They can! These shoppers […]

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