Comfort and Joy, Delivered: Holiday Marbled Sugar Cookies

If you’re like us, the holidays don’t begin until the smell of freshly baked cookies wafts through the air. This season, take a cue from Julia Flower and her cookie-baking crew who show us how to dress up sugar cookies with a marbling technique – that looks like you went to the neighborhood bakery. 

Dipped in marbled royal icing, these swirled confections are too sweet of an idea to pass up. Let these chic treats elevate your neighborhood cookie swap or serve as an impressive stocking stuff to delight the cookie lovers in your life. 

Holiday Marbled Sugar Cookies


1 dozen sugar cookies 

3 cups powdered sugar

3-6 tablespoons whole milk or heavy cream

1 teaspoon almond extract, vanilla extract, or bakery emulsion

Tubes gel food coloring in desired colors


 1. Sift powdered sugar.

 2. Add vanilla extract and three tablespoons milk. 

 3. Add more milk until it’s the right viscosity. To check, run a knife through the icing – it should pool back together in 10 seconds.

 4. Divide the glaze into 3 bowls – keep one white.

 5. Add green food coloring to one of the other bowls – one drop at a time until you have your desired shade of green. 

 6. To the final bowl, add red food coloring – until you have the red you want. 

 7. Pour a bit of white glaze into another, shallow bowl that’s big enough to hold your cookies. Then pour a little of the green glaze in and swirl with a knife.

 8. Dip the Christmas tree cookie into the glaze and allow any excess icing to drip off. Tilt it side to side to get even more marbling effect. 

 9. Repeat with red icing for candy cane-shaped cookies

 10. Then, and this is important, let them dry for 4-6 hours.

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