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Countdown to the Fourth: Your chance to win a month of free groceries (up to $800!)

Hey Shipters!

Fourth of July is the grand kahuna of summer holidays.
It’s the perfect time to celebrate our independence!

To celebrate this Independence Day, we want to share the #ShiptLife with our Countdown to the 4th! From now until 4th of July, you have a chance to win 1 month, or up to $800, in free groceries!

Here’s how:

  • Share Shipt with as many of your friends and family as possible by referring them.
  • Once they sign up and complete their first order, they will be credited to your referral list.


  • The member with the most referrals will win one month of free groceries (up to $800!), and each of their referrals (up to 20) will receive $75 in free groceries!
  • Not sure if you’ll win the grand prize? No worries! For every 10 members you refer, you’ll receive $75 in free groceries!

The Details

  • When you share the #ShiptLife with someone, they will need to purchase a membership AND complete their first order to be credited to your list.
  • This competition will run from 06/26-07/05, so make sure to share early and often!
  • We will be sending email updates throughout the competition so you will know where you stand. You can also bookmark this page as we will be updating the leaderboard every day starting on 06/30.
  • The grand prize winner will be announced 07/15.



  1. Marie Ronayne

    Why do you begin your emails with “Hey”? That is not good English.

  2. Roberta Anne Bilodeau

    Awesome app. And HEB really came thru for me. Couldnt go to the store from an injury. Down loaded the app, ordered my groceries, paid n they were delivered.

  3. Renee Marcinkoski

    I have referred several people and I never got credited for it and they never got their free groceries. It says you have to put a code in but I don’t have a code. How does that work. I have sent out so many rah rah notices about this terrific service.

      Anne Rohrer

      Look in the menu area of your app. It says “tell a friend” and then you can choose how to share it (text, email, Facebook, etc.) I hope this helps. Customer Care can help as well by phone or or chat.

  4. Philip Kluger

    I do not know anyone like me who is unable to drive and therefore use you services. This contest seems unfair


      Don’t care about the contest BUT I am someone who can’t see to drive & is physically handicapped.
      My 3rd order will later this week; I’m really glad you all started this service. My neighbor is now
      off the shopping detail.


    Before I join i want to understand the fees. Monthly fee of $14.00. What does this $14.00 do for me? Is the delivery charge in addition to the $14.00? If so what is shipping fee? I am understanding if over $35.00 shipping is free,. Is that correct?


      $14/ month or $99 for an entire year! With that you get unlimited deliveries with no delivery charge if your order is $35 or more. Under $35 order you will be charged $7 delivery fee.
      Did this answer your question?


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