breast cancer awareness month with shipt featuring shipt shopper linda from tampa, florida

Delivering Support to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Your Shipt Shopper may be sporting a pink shirt instead of our signature green while delivering your groceries. That’s because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Each year, Shipt joins the fight against this devastating disease, dropping our limited-edition “Pink Shirt for a Cure” shopper tees for purchase in our Shipt Shop. More than a gesture of support, our shoppers and members are raising money for breast cancer education and research efforts. Proceeds from every shirt are donated to the hard-working organizations leading the charge in the search for a cure. 

Delivering Support and Hope

Our Shipt Shoppers are dedicated supporters of this cause, and through our communities, we hear incredible stories every day about how they’re getting involved. In fact, some of our Shipt Shoppers are survivors themselves, delivering not only household essentials for members battling breast cancer, but also compassion, understanding and moral support. 


A Story of Breast Cancer Survival and Community

One of these brave shoppers is Linda N. who has used her own experiences with breast cancer to inspire and give hope to both shoppers and members. A Shipt Shopper since 2015, Linda’s traveled around her hometown of Tampa Bay training new shoppers, including those who started after beating cancer — just like herself. 

“All the time I run into members and shoppers who have through it as well, and course, I understand what they’re going through.” 

Over the years, she’s made long-lasting connections with other survivors and those still fighting their battle against breast cancer. When their Tampa Bay shopper community — affectionately named the Wishabellas —  learns about a fellow shopper or member with breast cancer they jump to action. Everyone wears their pink shirts in solidarity and comes together to raise money, perform services, and share extra resources to help them out.

“When people can connect and share what they’re going through with someone who understands, we can heal together. That’s the impact of the Shipt community.” 

Together, we can beat breast cancer. To support Shipt’s breast cancer awareness efforts and purchase our limited-edition “Pink Shirt for a Cure” shopper t-shirt, visit

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