Edible Astrology: July Edition

Welcome to Cancer season, ruled by water and self-confidence. Sit back, relax, and don’t forget to treat yourself! This month, catch up on your horoscope and find out the ideal ice cream flavor for your Zodiac sign.


Cancer, it’s your season and your time to step into the spotlight. With the sun entering your corner, self-confidence, and pride are guiding you. Relish your newfound boss attitude and take your well-deserved bow. Even with all of these emotional changes, you’re still you – loyal as all get out. Your July ice cream pick? Häagen-Dazs Butter Pecan – classic, just like you. 


With the sun moving into Cancer, you’re feeling even more playful, passionate, and creative than usual. As always, you have a lot to offer. Complement your style with an ice cream that’s as busy as it is delicious: Breyers® Rocky Road. With a chocolate base, chopped almonds, and mini marshmallows, there’s something new to love in every bite – sounds like someone else we know.  


Sweet, sensible Virgo – be warned that Mercury (your ruling planet) is moving into Cancer. This could mean a bumpy ride unless you stay grounded. But, if anyone can keep both feet on the ground, it’s you. Give yourself some inspiration in the organization department with Häagen-Dazs Triple Chocolate Trio. With perfectly spaced layers, your type-A tendencies will thank you. 


You’re feeling the intensity this month, Libra. With your social intelligence, you’re picking up all the vibes from the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn. Regain your harmony with a classic: Häagen-Dazs Homemade Vanilla. This flavor is smooth and creamy, not to mention, the perfect base to add whatever toppings you want. No more flavor disagreements in your house – harmony restored. 


Scorpio, your ruling planet, Mars, has entered Aries. Not to mention, Mercury is in retrograde this month. Needless to say, your fiery passion is hitting a new high. Lean into your magnificent nature, but try to keep your aggressive energy at bay. Stay inspired with rich flavors like Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia®. With chunks of cherries and chocolate flakes, this creamy fave is sure to match your energy. 


Fiery Sagittarius, Jupiter enters Capricorn this month bringing you ample opportunities in work and love. But, don’t get ahead of yourself. Try to ignore your impatience, and sit back to let those opportunities come knocking at your door. With all these changes on the way, seek out stability (we can’t believe that’s what you’re craving, either) with a childhood favorite ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  


Disciplined, serious, Capricorn. Your month starts out slow with Saturn in retrograde in Capricorn. Work has slowed down and you’re looking for something to focus on. In the meantime, the perfectly precise flavors of Edy’s® Mint Chocolate Chip will give you something to focus on. With semi-sweet chocolate chips and just the right amount of mint, this traditional scoop will capture your heart. 


You’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately, Aquarius. You may feel tired, but don’t give up because great things are in store for this month. Mars moves into your house of thought, communication, and learning, so you’ll feel alert before you know it. Your perfect indulgence? Ben & Jerry’s Gimme S’more ice cream will ignite the excitement and freedom of a camping trip, no campfire required. 


You’ve got a soothing air about you Pisces, especially now. With Neptune in Pisces, you’re flowing with sympathy and compassion. You’re feeling the need to please everyone (to the best of your ability), but don’t forget to take some time to focus on you. Have a scoop of something that really will please everyone: Turkey Hill Neapolitan. With strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, you can’t go wrong. 


You’re feeling a lot of emotions with Mars in your circle. You might even be feeling a little overwhelmed. But, if anyone can handle the challenge, it’s you ambitious Aries. Channel your aggressive energy and focus on something positive. You’ll need a boost this month, so try Ben & Jerry’s Brewed to Matter. This coffee ice cream is equal parts caffeine dream and chocolatey goodness. 


Be cautious this month, Taurus. Tensions are high for your loved ones and you may be feeling some pressure yourself. Lean into that patience we all know and love. Your perfect pick-me-up? A scoop of Edy’s® Cookies and Cream ice cream. With creamy vanilla and chocolate cookie chunks, this ice cream is delicious and dependable – perfect for someone like you. 


Mercury is in retrograde and moving into Cancer, so your communications are calming down. However, you’re feeling impulsive (yes, a little more than usual). Curb your indecision because you deserve to have it all. Indulge in Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked. With cookie dough, brownie batter, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream, you will feel at ease – no need to cut out any of your cravings. 

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