Edible Astrology: June Edition

It’s Gemini season and we’ve got a social itch to scratch. We’ve been sharing some of our favorite meals virtually with friends and family, and it looks like more good eats are in the stars for June. This month, enjoy your horoscope with a handpicked recipe for your sign. 


It’s your time to shine, Gemini. With Venus making its way into your corner, you’re feeling a little on the shy side. Don’t let your indecisiveness hold you back during this season, but use it to propel you forward and expand your horizons. For you, we’ve got 2 “grate” grilled cheese options so you can pick the one that fits your mood. Extra cheese, please – it’s time to celebrate y-o-u. 


Cancer, get ready for a new moon, just for you. As if you weren’t in your feels already, the stars say you’ll have a few mood swings throughout the month, meaning it’s the perfect time for some self-care. Whip up a fajita spread for the whole family to enjoy. Did we mention these only require one pan? 


Sweet, passionate Leo. Gemini season is an exciting time for you, your social life, and your career. The Sun enters Pisces in early June, which may cause you to be more emotional than usual. But, bring yourself back to your bold and ambitious roots with a fun take on a classic dish: Black Bean Salsa Taco Cups (with chipotle mayo!). 


As usual, Virgo, you’re all work and no play. With distractions on pause, you’ve found time to get yourself in the zone and focus on your goals. Whether you’re focusing on work or cleaning out your closet, you’re being oh-so-productive. Take a quick break with something on the healthy side like these smoothie bowls. These fruity and delicious power meals work hard and bring the right amount of sweet – just like you!


You’ve been busy this season, Libra, and it’s only going to continue to ramp up. With Venus (your ruling planet) making its rounds through Taurus and into Gemini, you’re feeling inspired and destined to make an intense emotional transformation. Stir up your artistic side and make these truffles that everyone in your house will go crazy for. Sharing is caring, kind Libra. 


Gemini season has you wrestling with all sorts of emotions. But, what’s new, Scorpio? You’re feeling intense, but with endings come new beginnings. Strap in for a season of starting anew and making significant changes to your routine. Keep your spirits light with a spooktacular take on a summer favorite. We know you’re missing Halloween, so bring the spooky season to the present with these Deviled Dragon Eggs


Fiery Sagittarius, we know you’re missing adventure. Even though you’ve rescheduled your travel plans, you’re still craving fun times with your loved ones. With your communication planet, Mercury, entering into Cancer, nothing sounds better than sitting down and chatting over dinner at a restaurant. Bring your restaurant faves home with this Fake Out Takeout recipe. You might even start to become a homebody. 


Much to your dismay, Capricorn, things might get a little messy this month. We know you’re craving organization and order in your life to pair with that easygoing energy you’re harnessing from Venus entering into Gemini. Get methodical (and delicious) with the Perfect Southern Biscuit recipe that will leave you hollering “y’all!” Not to mention, kneading dough is the perfect way to give you valuable “thinking time.” 


As the Sun moves into Gemini, you’re glowing, Aquarius! It’s the perfect time for a fresh start. Whether that’s a new color of paint in your bedroom or, perhaps, a self-haircut, you’ll find the best way to refresh yourself. Your imagination is working overtime, as always. Channel that creative energy into something delicious and upgrade your frozen pizza. Boring pizza is so not your style. 


You’re feeling nostalgic and extra sensitive this month, Pisces. It’s a great time for you to do some cleansing, whether it’s finding a new skincare routine or reorganizing your workspace. Dig into your softer side with the comforts of a family favorite like this Loaded Potato Casserole. This dish will take you back to after-school chats with your parents and wrap you in a warm, delicious hug. 


As the Sun moves through Gemini, you’re reflecting on how you communicate and your roles in your relationships. Dial back your impulses in communication this month, Aries. Shift your fabulous, ambitious tendencies into the kitchen with this Pineapple Chipotle Barbecue Chicken. It’s sweet and tangy, not unlike someone else we know! 


Reliable, practical, dependable – there’s so much to love about you, Taurus! People love your authenticity and now is the time to lean in and be yourself. Don’t forget to vocalize your needs so others can take care of you, too. Spice up your sensibility with this funky quinoa bowl. Who says healthy has to be boring?  

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