Your Enneagram as an Emotional Support Water Bottle

We love them, we carry them around wherever we go, and we may even be a little emotionally attached to them. Reusable water bottles can be super personal, so we hand-selected the perfect bottle for you, based on your Enneagram personality type. 

Type 1: The Reformer 

People in the Type 1 Enneagram are principled and self-controlled. They’re motivated by the desire to be “good” and do the right thing. As a 1, you have a desire to be responsible, reliable, and totally in control in most situations. We get it! This Simple Modern stainless steel bottle is just as dependable as you are. Plus, it’s adorable. 

Type 2: The Helper

As The Helper, a Type 2 is kind and generous – that supportive friend that everyone wants around. They are motivated by being appreciated and liked by those around them. You’re extremely attentive and excellent at making others feel special – we love that about you! Your hydration vessel should be one-size-fits-all, too. This Contigo AutoPop Tritan bottle fits in most car cup holders and can be opened one-handed. 

Type 3: The Achiever

Type 3s are referred to as Achievers. They’re motivated by being admired and working hard. You’re adaptive and you thrive in challenges. We’re sure you’ve got lofty goals this year, but try not to overextend yourself. Remember the journey is just as important as the end result! The 62-ounce Blogilates stainless steel water bottle will keep you hydrated from start to finish. 

Type 4: The Individualist 

Sensitive Type 4s, you’re expressive, a little withdrawn, and completely unique. Type 4s are motivated by finding meaning in everyday life. Look within and you may find pleasant surprises. Sometimes you can be prone to shutting others out, so try to stay open. Get hydrated with the Brita premium filtered water bottle. You’ll love the ability to refill wherever you are so you can have the freshest tasting water, wherever life takes you. 

Type 5: The Investigator

Type 5s are known for being intellectual, innovative, and focused on intrinsic growth. You’re driven by the need to be considered competent and being seen as capable. If you’re looking for goals to set for this year, try to set your sights high – we know you’ll reach the stars. As intense (in a good way) as you are, you’ll need mega hydration. So, grab the 64-ounce Zulu Jug water bottle to quench your thirst. It comes complete with a handle – perfect for the long haul. 

Type 6: The Loyalist

You’re security-oriented, Type 6. As The Loyalist, you’re motivated by feeling secure and being supported by those around you. You crave consistency in all aspects of your life. You need a water bottle that you can rely on to keep you hydrated with crisp, cool water. Try the Room Essentials double-walled stainless steel bottle. You’ll not only love how durable and glossy it is, but also how long it keeps your water cold. 

Type 7: The Enthusiast

Type 7, you’re spontaneous, enthusiastic, and always ready to try new things. You’re motivated by feeling content and always looking for ways to add more satisfaction to your life. You need a little variety – it is the spice of life, after all. Check out the Bubba Envy stainless steel water bottle, which is perfect for cold and hot drinks, and comes with an optional straw so you can sip with or without it.

Type 8: The Challenger 

You’re a confident and decisive person. As Challengers, Type 8s crave time alone and being self-sufficient – they’re inspired by independence. You’ll love taking time after the holidays to work on yourself, whatever that means to you. Keep up with your hydration needs with this Owala FreeSip stainless steel bottle. With a leak-proof lid that opens at the touch of a button, the design is as unique as you are. Plus it comes in several colors so you can pick your favorite! 

Type 9: The Peacemaker 

As the easy-going and fun-loving friend, you’re often the one bringing your loved ones together. You’re motivated by peace and harmony, which makes you a staple in your circle. You need a water bottle that works for whatever comes your way, whether you’ve got hiking in your future or you simply need to stay hydrated on the job. This CamelBak has the most-loved bite valve which is leak-proof and totally durable so you can sip while you tackle whatever comes your way. 

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, a new water bottle is the motivation you need. Reach your health and wellness goals for 2022 with a brand new bottle, delivered with Shipt. Happy hydrating! 

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