Every Girl's Tailgate Guide with Emily Ley

Every Girl’s Tailgate Guide with Emily Ley

There are three reasons to love a good tailgate— football, friends, and good food. If you’re anything like me, those last two reasons rank far superior in your head than the first one.

While I’m not always the most dedicated football fan, I’m always ready to throw a party and celebrate with friends whenever I can find an excuse for one. My husband, Bryan, is a huge college football fan (geaux tigers!), so I’d like to think I’ve mastered the art of a good tailgate over the years.

And I’ve got a secret for you, friends: you don’t have to know much about football to throw an awesome tailgate.

Emily Ley uses Shipt for Tailgate Essentials

The first step to every successful tailgate party is to make sure you have amazing food. I use my Shipt app to keep a running list of things we might need for game day, and then, the day before the game, I place the order and have everything delivered straight to my door.

Blueberry Vodka Lemonade for Tailgating

We always grill hot dogs and burgers as the main course, but I like to make sure we also have a festive drink, a dip for munching on, and a classic dessert to finish things off. My favorite part is that if I forget anything (which is bound to happen!) Shipt is always there to save the day and bring us extra ingredients, drinks, or pre-made treats when I run out of time to bake our favorite treat.

Emily Ley Making Brownies for the Football Game

Once you’ve got the food down, it’s time for the fun part. I love to find festive cups and napkins and always try to serve our treats on fun game day platters. But don’t forget too add paper plates and plastic silverware to your Shipt order before the big game. Aside from a few trays and bowls for serving, it’s always best to use disposable items for your tailgate. No one wants to spend time gathering dishes and cleaning up before the big game!

Every Girl's Tailgate Guide with Emily Ley

So, you’ve placed your Shipt order, made all your favorite foods, and gathered up your festive serving dishes. All that’s left to do is to round up some friends, make sure you have a few lawn chairs, and throw everything in a cooler for game day! And remember, the most important part of any successful tailgate is enjoying the time with the people you love. Even if you’re not a football fan, cheer as loud as you can, laugh ’til your sides hurt, and don’t stress out when things don’t go as planned. These memories together will be ones that you’ll cherish forever.

Shipt has made game day prep even simpler with the brand new Tailgate Essentials category in the Shipt app. Go, get ready (you’ve got some entertaining to do). Shipt will get the rest.

Check out the “It’s Time to Tailgate” Pinterest board for game day recipe inspirations!

Emily Ley is the founder and Creative Director of Emily Ley Paper and Gifts, design pro, mama of three, light and rainbows embodied. She’s also a loyal Shipt member, and we love her!

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