Everything You Need to Make “Work From Home” Happy and Productive 

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably trying to figure out our new reality of working from home. From adjusting to our new “coworkers” (spouses and children) to managing work-from-home distractions (binge-eating ice cream sandwiches) – the process might be smoother for some than others. 

To help you thrive and reclaim your productivity in this new environment, we’re sharing tips and a list of our favorite work-from-home essentials. Scroll on for inspiration on how to jazz up your home office and stay happy and healthy while getting the job done from home. 

1) Creating your workspace

While the so-called “couch office” might cut it for a brief work-from-home stint, at this point, we all need to carve out a dedicated – and ergonomic – home workspace. Nabbing a desk and office chair is an instant upgrade that your back and neck will thank you immensely for. And even if you don’t have much extra space to work with, there are plenty of space-efficient options available to suit your needs. 

But there are also some less-obvious desk upgrades that can help you stay productive and happy throughout the week. End neck-craning with a stand for your laptop, expand your screen real estate with a monitor, and grab yourself a wireless keyboard and mouse for a more natural typing experience. If you’re working at night, consider getting a stylish lamp to match your home decor. And no setup is complete without a printer. There’s a variety of affordable options for those who don’t already have one at home! 

2) Staying caffeinated  

Free office coffee and teas or lattes from local cafes may no longer be a daily option, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fancy drink options right at home. Having a reliable, everyday coffee maker is essential to jumpstart your morning (and who are we kidding – throughout the day, too). But if you want to get fancy with it, there are plenty of options to step up your home coffee game. 

Whether you prefer refreshing cold brew, energizing espresso or classic drip coffee – there’s a home-sized setup for everyone. We also love this teapot infuser to overcome afternoon slumps without too much coffee, which can lead to dehydration and caffeine headaches. And don’t forget a special mug that will make you just as happy as the delicious drink inside. 

3) Headphones for connecting with colleagues — or blocking out distractions 

Whether you need a high-quality option for virtual meetings or just need to tone down the sound of a busy street or noisy roommates (aka kids), a set of high-quality, comfortable headphones are a WFH must. Good headphones will make all those video meetings much more pleasant (not to mention virtual happy hour!). 

Our favorite is the Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro (if you’re in need of true noise-canceling), which won’t tie you down with wires and make it simple to switch between all your devices. That said, there are plenty of options out across every budget if you prefer over-the-ear headphones or something with a more powerful built-in mic

4) Keeping cozy  

Just because we want to create a more official workspace doesn’t mean it has to be exactly the same as an actual office. Take advantage of being home and customize your workspace with colorful and cozy accessories!

Grab a colorful throw blanket to keep you warm, add a comfy and vibrant pillow to support your back, and deck your “office” out with scented candles and fresh pots for your plants. If you really want to take things to the next level, invest in some cozy slippers. Trust us, you won’t regret it. 

5) Staying healthy – and remembering to eat!

We didn’t realize it would be this hard to do the small things like getting out for a walk or making sure to eat a real lunch! During a busy day of juggling work and parenting, it’s tough to prep a meal, cook it, and also clean everything up. Make it easier on yourself with things like this rice cooker, which cooks rice and keeps it warm all day so you can simply pop it open when you’re ready to eat. 

When it comes to staying fit, we’ve found things like this push up and pull up equipment to turn your home into a gym and make it easy to get a quick workout in. If back and neck issues are popping up after sitting at a desk all day, a posture corrector or special back support for your chair can go a long way to keeping you feeling strong and aligned. 

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