Expert Advise: Packing Tips for Vacationing As A Family

Expert Advice: Packing Hacks for Vacationing as a Family

With spring break right around the corner (yay!) we asked Austin-based lifestyle blogger and loyal Shipt member Lee Anne Benjamin from Life by Lee to share some of her best packing hacks for vacationing as a family.

Packing for a vacation has changed ever so slightly (try a ton actually), since adding my son Noah to the family.

Kids come with a lot of stuff, let me tell ya. I still remember the first time we traveled with a baby. We were dying carrying everything while changing gates during our layover. Now that Noah is two, I finally feel like I’ve got this packing for a vacation thing down to a science, which is why I thought it would be fun to share some tips that work for our family!

Expert Advise: Packing Tips for Vacationing As A Family | Life By Lee | Shipt

Pack as lightly as possible. This is obviously hard to do with kids, but I try to cut out the unnecessary stuff when possible. I remember packing way too many clothes and shoes for Noah on our last trip. If you’re renting a house or staying with friends, you can pack the bare minimum for clothing, and use their washer/dryer during your stay.

Snacks are key. When traveling with kids, snacks are my right-hand man. I obviously love using Shipt, and I love using it even more when I’m planning for a vacation. I can easily use the List Feature within Shipt to quickly add everything to my cart that I need for travel. I already have a list saved within the app called “Travel Essentials” so I can quickly pull it up. The last thing I want to do when packing is stop at the store for something I forgot!

Expert Advise: Packing Tips for Vacationing As A Family

Minimize airport carrying. There’s nothing worse than carrying a ton of stuff through the airport, when you have a toddler to chase after. I try to fit everything for Noah and myself into my purse. I’m on the hunt for a great backpack, because I think that would be even better. If you’re bringing a stroller on your trip, make sure it’s light-weight, and use it for transporting your toddler through the airport (one less thing to carry… toddlers are heavy!).

Pack the car the day before. We always pack the car the day before, so when we wake up in the morning we can head straight to the airport. It’s so much easier to have everything done, especially if you have an early morning flight to catch. I leave out the stuff in the morning, and then just add it to my carry-on or purse if I’m bringing it along.

Expert Advise: Packing Tips for Vacationing As A Family

Bring items to keep the little ones entertained. Snacks are a big one for us on flights, like I mentioned before. We will use Shipt before we head out on our trip to stock up on Noah’s favorites, and ours as well. This keeps our little man entertained, and us happy too. He’s a big fan of the Plum Organics pouches, so I definitely have those saved within my Travel Essentials list on the app! We also always make sure to have a few movies or his favorite shows downloaded on the iPad, and also bring a couple of his toys and books.

Don’t wait until the last minute! Typically when we are going on a vacation, I like to plan what I’m going to pack a week ahead of time. It’s inevitable that I will still be running around like a chicken with my head cut off the day before the trip, but planning ahead still helps. I like to make lists for each family member, and check things off as we add them to our suitcases. Shipt can also be a lifesaver if you’ve forgotten to pack sunscreen, contact solution, or any of those tiny little things that are easy to forget but hard to live without.

Enjoy your trip. This isn’t necessarily a packing trip, but a vacation tip! Once you arrive to your destination, unplug and enjoy where you are. Did you know you can bring your Shipt membership with you on vacation? You can easily type in the zip code where you will be staying to see if Shipt will deliver to your vacation destination. Shipt delivers to a ton of spots in Florida, so if you’re heading there for a spring break trip, you’re in luck! Make your list of Vacation Essentials ahead of time, so when you arrive, you can add everything to your cart with one click!

Expert Advise: Packing Tips for Vacationing As A Family

I hope these tips we’re helpful to you, and if you have any to add feel free to add them in the comments below! Go dig your toes in the sand. Explore. Relax. Let Shipt do your grocery shopping so you can get right to the fun stuff – without a trip to the store. And remember — your Shipt membership comes with you too! Use Shipt while you’re on vacation!*

Happy vacationing!

*Shipt delivery options vary by state and metro, so be sure to check here for our coverage map to see if we’re in your vacation destination.

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