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Expert Advice: Simplify Back-to-School Shopping with Emily Ley

This August, my oldest, Brady, is headed to kindergarten (I’m not sure whether to cry or celebrate!).

We’ve spent the summer checking activities off of our summer bucket list and soaking up every last minute before he’s off to school during the week. In between drying my cheeks from the thought of my baby being old enough to start elementary school and chasing his eighteen-month old brother and sister around the house, I’ve been trying to do a few things to get us both ready for the first day of school (we start early here in Florida!).

I grew up as a teacher’s child and know that preparation is everything, so I’ve been very intentional about simplifying the to-do lists and getting us as prepared as we can be. One way I’m simplifying the back-to-school chaos is by outsourcing.

I’m an unabashed outsourcer. If there’s an easier way to get something done (and it allows me to spend more of my free time with my family doing things that matter) I don’t hesitate to take it off my to do list and let someone help me out.

Emily Ley and her son getting ready for kindergarden!

I think we can all agree that one of the most stressful parts of back-to-school is getting back into the day-to-day routine. You know what I’m talking about here – the morning struggle. To make our mornings go smoothly when we kick back into high gear, I’m planning out a few quick, easy, healthy breakfasts and pre-packing Brady’s lunchbox the night before.

To do all those things, though, I have to follow my Mom’s advice and be prepared. That means having all the right food stocked ahead of time.

For lunches:

I love to pack things like hummus to-go packets, pre-cut fruit, and whole wheat tortillas rolled with deli meats and cheeses into “ham and cheese rolls” (so easy and so loved by my kiddos!).

For breakfast:

I want to feed my kids something that’s easy, delicious, and great fuel for their days. We love fresh fruit smoothies, frozen whole wheat waffles, and, of course, avocados! Avocado toast is a staple around here. We also like to make these whole-wheat banana pancakes on Sundays and freeze them for weekday breakfasts.

Emily Ley and Shipt

I love that Shipt makes it so easy for us to do things like that together as a family, without the hassle and extra time spent running to the grocery store.

We’ll be using Shipt to tackle our school list! All of the pens, pencils, notebooks and glue we need delivered right to our door. I’m keeping a running list of breakfast recipes and back-to-school lunch ideas in my Simplified Planner and plugging them into the app as I go.

Shipt has helped us simplify our first “back to school” experience so much already, and we’re so grateful for the extra time we’ve had as a family because of that. One thing’s for sure, I may not be ready for my baby to be a kindergartener, but we are sure going to be prepared for him to start school regardless!

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