#MyShopperStory with Paul H., Father’s Day Edition

Shipt was created by a dad looking to simplify life for his young family and families everywhere. Nearly four years later, the Shipt community is full of wonderful dads, from HQ to shoppers to members. In our hometown of Birmingham lives Shipt Shopper Paul H., a superhero dad who shopped for Shipt to support his family as it grew from four to five members. Read on for Paul’s heartwarming story and the lessons he’s learned about being a dad.


In October 2015, Paul and his wife Darlena had no immediate plans to expand their family. With two children at home, adopted sons Patrick and George, their household had already doubled in size over the preceding years. They talked about adopting a third child in the future, but those plans were at least a year away – or so they thought. Then everything changed with Edie.

Having gone through the adoption process twice before, Paul and Darlena knew it would be laborious and expensive, though that was no deterrent for this incredible couple. Before adopting their son George, Paul worked a second job with long hours at a local gas station to help his family through the process. But this time around, Paul and Darlena had only a few months to complete what is normally a year and a half long adoption process. Already with a full-time job as a teacher and just a few months time to prepare, Paul began his search for a second job fully expecting to once again be pulled away from his family for long hours.

That’s when Paul met Shipt. In March 2016, Paul was introduced to Shipt through entrepreneurship day at his son’s school. He recognized the unique opportunity for flexibility and security that shopping for Shipt provides, something he never expected to find in a second job. He signed up to be a Shipt Shopper the following week, and, as they say, the rest is history. We asked Paul what it was like during this time, balancing the adoption process and the needs of his family…

“There were still a lot of ‘what ifs’ that you don’t have control over. The not-knowing is hard to process… and the elephant in the room is the finances.”

Supplemental income and the ability to decide where and when he shopped gave Paul peace of mind and allowed him to focus his remaining time and energy on his family. Then, in August 2016, their party of four became a group of five when Paul and Darlena officially adopted Edie.

Despite being a 9th grade teacher (ask him anything about World History!), there were a few things Paul could only learn from being a dad. After three children and over 15 years of experience with adoptions, his biggest takeaway is understanding that you can’t parent each child the same way.

“The challenge for parents is to figure that out and be flexible enough to realize that you can’t parent your adopted kids the way you were parented… there are some things we can take and try, but we have to be very flexible and adjust for what the child needs.”

This Father’s Day, as Paul heads out to Colorado with Darlena and the crew, we want to say thank you to all the amazing dads in the Shipt community and beyond. Happy Father’s Day!

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