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Once you sign up for a membership and download the Shipt app (iOS, Android, and web), just select your groceries, choose delivery options, and checkout. We make grocery shopping fast, simple, and convenient.

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We partner with a local community of reliable shoppers. They can pick a perfect mango with their eyes closed and navigate 40,000 grocery items faster than you can say “Organic Gluten-free Pastry Flour.” Our prices will vary slightly from in store prices.

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Take Five: 5 Ingredient Recipes with Buitoni! Take Five: 5 Ingredient Recipes with Buitoni! Take Five: 5 Ingredient Recipes with Buitoni! Take Five: 5 Ingredient Recipes with Buitoni! Take Five: 5 Ingredient Recipes with Buitoni!

Take Five: 5 Ingredient Recipes with Buitoni!

Shortcuts get a bad rap.

Simpler, shorter, or easier doesn’t have to mean lazy, cheap, or not as great.

We love a good shortcut, because it just means you have more time and energy for the things that matter most to you. Cooking shortcuts are especially amazing, because a few tips and tricks can produce dishes that are delicious and affordable… and easy.

Try these 5 ingredient pastas. Enjoy the extra time at the table, away from the kitchen!

Toss pasta, pesto, shrimp and some lemon zest for added oomph for Pesto and Pasta with Lemon and Shrimp. It’s fresh, vibrant and most of all, deceivingly effortless.



Don’t have time to stand over the stove? Baked Four Cheese Ravioli is true to the statement “thrown together,” especially if that includes topped with breadcrumbs and baked until browned and bubbly. This dish is comforting and reminds us of grandma’s casseroles— breadcrumb topping for days.



Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper and Cream Sauce doesn’t have to take the whole night. Blend up a jar of roasted red peppers and stir it into a cream sauce for pasta that’s full of flavor and satisfaction.



Pesto is one of those pantry staples that you can throw into anything for instant impact. We love the idea of adding even more fresh basil and pops of sun-dried tomatoes to take our Tortellini with Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomato to the next level.IMG_8522IMG_8529

This one is by far the easiest and most surprising. The main step? Heating up salsa with black beans. Yup, and the Ravioli with Black Bean Salsa is just as yummy as it is quick.



Photos by Gina Yu ©2016

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