5 Simple Ways to Simplify Your 2016

Five Simple Ways To Simplify Your 2016

Fresh starts, new beginnings, goal setting–it is time to set your focus for 2016! Shipt has got quite a to-do list to work on this year. And guess what? It mostly consists of making your life easier.

We know how hard it is to keep resolutions, so have listed a few simple tips you can do right now to jumpstart your goals this New Year.

1) Declutter Your Space
Seriously, a clean space is a clean mind. Nothing feels better than organizing your phone, computer, and desk drawers. Knowing that everything is in order helps prepare you mentally to focus on greater goals. For more tips on decluttering your space, check out this post from one of our favorite bloggers and the queen of simplifying, Emily Ley.

2) Get Groceries Delivered
Grocery delivery helps you work smarter not harder. And with that long list of resolutions you never can seem to get to year after year, Shipt’s app becomes your key to success right in your back pocket! Not to mention, dodging those impulse buys helps you keep a little extra cash in there too.

3) Think of a Goal Word
Sometimes seeing all of your resolutions written down can be daunting. How are you supposed to find time to learn a new language, travel the world, and become a master chef in 12 months? Try thinking about all of your goals as a whole. Is there a theme that connects all of them? Maybe a word that sums up what you want your 2016 to be? Sometimes shooting for an ideal can help motivate you more than hard goals. Check out My One Word for ideas and connect with others with the same word.

4) Outsource Your Meal Planning
Staying on top of health is a common goal during the New Year, but setting up new habits can be exhausting. Especially when the spouse and kids are picky eaters, trying new food routines can be near impossible. Check out Eat This Much or Plan to Eat for easy personalized meal planning. You can even choose special dietary needs, and we don’t mind bringing the ingredient list straight to your door. 😉

5) Unplug for a Bit
The Internet holds several hours of our attention every day. It is easy to get swept up in your digital life and forget to take care of yourself. Not only do we miss out in the small moments of our real life, the constant connection can take a toll on us mentally. Try monitoring your phone usage with Moment or download HeadSpace for a quick round of quiet mindfulness.

Happy 2016!

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