The Ultimate Fourth of July

It’s almost that time!

The time to get together with family, friends and loved ones to celebrate freedom (with a healthy dose of fun and deliciousness)!

Whether you’re heading to the lake, packing up for a parkside picnic, grilling up in the backyard, or playing it cool at your favorite eatery, enjoy yourself!

Really, you deserve it.

Rev up or slow down. Read a book in the sun or slurp up popsicles by the pool. Do something different for a weekend. Be with your family or hang with your friends. Celebrate each other!


Toss some hotdogs on the grill, we’ve got some summer-friendly ideas to get you going.

Whip up some Strawberry Buttermilk popsicles (throw in blueberries and banana slices, and you’ve got yourself some sweet red, white and blue)! Or go old school and get nostalgic with Bomb Pops, Fudgsicles, Dreamsicles and more.


Find it all in our Grilling, Frozen Treats and Summer Produce categories in the app!

Go, get planning. Skip the store.
Don’t just host a celebration, celebrate. 

This weekend, enjoy the Fourth!
We’ll get the groceries.

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