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Giving Back at Shipt

Giving back to the community is part of our DNA. From HQ team members to Shipt Shoppers across the country, Shipters are known for going above and beyond to help their communities.

What started with a trip to the local Birmingham food bank has grown as more HQ members, Shipt Shoppers and even members, through various corporate donation programs, have gotten involved.

In February, we implemented a company-wide initiative called “Shipt Week of Service,” to take our community engagement to a new level. Week of Service started off as a way to encourage everyone at Shipt to give back by donating time (and groceries) to local Feeding America® member food banks and ended with over 90,000 lbs. of donations sorted and packaged.

National Feeding America Partnership

In 2019, we’re taking our partnership with Feeding America national. After achieving coast to coast availability for the first time last year, it’s important we continue giving back to communities that have welcomed Shipt into their daily lives.

To kick off the national partnership with Feeding America, Shipt is helping to scale a technology called MealConnect, Feeding America’s free food donation app that connects excess prepared food from restaurants and grocery stores with local agencies (including soup kitchens, pantries, and after school programs) to feed people struggling with hunger. The program helps combat food waste in local communities. Throughout this year, Shipt and Feeding America will launch MealConnect pilot programs in two cities as part of our broader efforts to help keep food on people’s tables.

Shipt Week of Service 2019

Shipt Week of Service has grown to include multiple days of volunteering and service activities in communities across the country. From Feb. 16 – 23, we coordinated local activations with the Feeding America network of food banks in 20 cities across the country. More than 250 Shipt volunteers made it out to participate, including team members from HQ and shoppers from all 20 of these cities! We spoke with shopper metro leads in two cities – Indianapolis and Tampa Bay – to learn more about how they got involved in Week of Service and what it meant to their communities.

Local Day of Service – Indianapolis

Indianapolis shopper and metro leader Dian H. took charge organizing a Shipt week of service project in Indianapolis, IN, including coordinating participation from volunteer shoppers in the area.

With a goal of turning the local food bank green (with Shipt’s signature green shopper t-shirts), about 10 local Shipt Shoppers made it out to Gleaner’s Food Bank of Indiana on 2/19. Volunteer activities included separating damaged goods from usable goods and sorting the items for pickup and distribution. In all, the team of Shipt volunteers at Gleaner’s sorted more than 5,000 lbs. of food.

Shoppers found the experience to be very rewarding and walked away with a sense of pride from helping people in need within their community, as well as newfound relationships with other shoppers they weren’t expecting to gain. In fact, the day of service project was so rewarding for Dian and the rest of the team, they’re already planning a follow-up visit to Gleaner’s and working to make a Shipt day of service a monthly event in Indianapolis. Kudos to Dian and the dedicated team of local shoppers who showed up and made a difference in their community.

We asked Dian for a few closing thoughts on this local day of service…
“It’s amazing to me that so many people from across the area, and the entire country for that matter, could come together in service of others. It’s so meaningful to work for a company that prioritizes giving back to the community…I’m blown away by what we’ve been able to accomplish.”

Local Day of Service – Tampa Bay

Tampa shopper and metro leader Linda N. led the charge for the local week of service project in Tampa, FL, where the Shipt team of volunteers joined others from the community at Feeding Tampa Bay’s warehouse facility.

About 30 Shipt Shoppers made it out to volunteer on 2/21, where they were tasked with sorting through produce and other donated goods to weed out expired items and organize the rest into food groups. From there, items were boxed up and sent to local facilities for distribution to families in need. In one day, the team of shopper volunteers sorted through more than 320 bags of red potatoes alone. By the end of the day, they had helped pack more than 1,500 meals for the local community!

Like the Shipt crew in Indianapolis, shoppers in Tampa had such a positive experience, that they’re now working to set up additional volunteer visits to support local Feeding America member food banks. In addition to helping their communities through this volunteer work, shoppers were pleasantly surprised to find they were also building and strengthening a new community of Shipt Shoppers. It’s shoppers like Linda N. and the entire Tampa crew that make Shipt the company it is today.

We asked Linda why this day of service was such a rewarding project for her…
“Feeding America is a tremendous partner and it was really a pleasure to work with their team. They did a wonderful job educating and training us, and I was really struck by the fact that 90% of people assisted by the food bank are families within our community that have fallen on hard times. That really put the work we’re doing into perspective and I think it inspires every single one of us. I can’t wait to go back!”

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